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Why Your Company Needs a Voice of Customer Program

Why Your Company Needs a Voice of Customer Program

In this episode of Pragmatic Live, Eddie Gordon, courseware designer at Pragmatic Institute, interviews Evan Klein about win/loss, customer feedback, and employee engagement programs.

“Data in a spreadsheet is going to have a limited effect. How you tell the story and how you convey that to members of the leadership team in a way that is easily digestible and makes it clear how they can act on it is vitally important. If the feedback is only shared with the CEO or with one department, then you're leaving a lot of opportunities on the table.” - Evan Klein.

During this episode, Eddie and Evan discuss:

  • How to implement systematic feedback processes
  • Who should be included in customer satisfaction surveys and interviews
  • How to share customer insights with business leaders that will compel them to act
  • Benefits of hiring a third party for voice of customer services
  • Best practices for approaching win/loss interviews
  • How to encourage customers to provide feedback and respond to survey or interview requests
  • How employee feedback programs contribute to improving customer experience
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