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Fireside Chat with Evan Klein: How HR Solution Provider, TriNet, Listens to the Voice of the Client

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Net Promoter Score Success Story

As Manager of Client Success, Rajean Bosier is deeply involved in shaping the client success culture at TriNet. We sat down with her to discuss how the leading provider of a comprehensive human resources solution for small and midsize businesses is leveraging Net Promoter Score (NPS)®, along with other voice of the client programs, to enhance the service and value their clients experience.

Evan: TriNet first adopted Net Promoter Score in 2011. What challenges did you face early on?

Rajean: At the time, NPS was a new concept to us, so we were pretty green. Therefore, some of the initial challenges included accuracy and reliability of our client database. We also thought we knew the voice of our clients, but the survey responses gave us some unexpected insights.

Evan: That’s something we hear often from companies just starting out with NPS. How did TriNet refocus its program?

Rajean: First, we formed the Client Success Team. Then in 2013, we replaced our outside consultant with your firm, Satrix Solutions. Your team reassessed the survey process and helped us apply what we had learned in the first two years. As a result, we changed the questionnaire and improved the data entry and compilation procedures. My Director and I also became Net Promoter Certified Associates, which gave us more insight into the NPS methodology.

Evan: To drive client-centric attitudes and behaviors across the organization, TriNet also created an internal “champions” team. Tell us more about this group.

Rajean: We have approximately 12 representatives from cross-functional departments that meet at least monthly. The group is called the “Feedback Steering Team” and we work together in our united effort of delighting our clients. Members are committed to listening to the voice of our clients and steering the organization in the directions necessary to enhance the client experience.

Evan: In addition to NPS, please explain other ways TriNet listens to the voice of the client.

Rajean: There’s a few different ways we gather client feedback. One is our Client Advisory Board, which Satrix Solutions was instrumental in designing and executing. Not only do these meetings allow TriNet to better understand factors affecting the client experience, but they also allow us to test new ideas which helps guide the strategic direction of our organization.

Another way we listen to clients is through our new client implementation surveys. These occur within 30 days from processing their first payroll. Then, we follow-up with respondents 60-90 days later to determine if there has been any change in sentiment since onboarding.

Finally, we have automated after-call surveys in our Employee Solution Center and Client Services departments. We also monitor social media and offer multiple channels for client feedback.

Evan: What’s next for TriNet?

Rajean: I have a long list. My short list is: (1) The continued initiative of educating and promoting our Client Success Program. We have executive endorsement, but I want to build awareness company-wide and have the program embraced at every level of the company. (2) Expand transaction surveys to ensure the voice of our clients continues to direct us in our decision making process. In fact, the Executive Sponsor of a recently conducted transaction survey said leadership has “been able to prioritize our roadmap” based on survey results. Music to my ears! (3) We want to hear from as many clients as possible so I continue to be focused on finding creative ways to engage clients and encourage survey participation. (4) Continue to quantify the ROI in our Client Success Program, and (5) Work on my longer list while always moving forward. Progress—I like progress.

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