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Interdepartmental Survey

Encourage a culture where departments that serve and support internal colleagues are service oriented and supportive of your corporate values.

Cultivate an Outstanding Internal Service Culture

While not immediately apparent, departments and employees that don’t have direct interactions with customers can still have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and retention. That’s because your customer-facing teams often rely on collaboration with internal colleagues to deliver a memorable service experience.

Consider the ramifications if your Customer Success or Account Management Teams struggle to get the support they need from HR, IT, or Finance, for example. Frustrations can arise quickly among both your employees and, eventually, your customers. The resulting inefficiencies can affect everything from employee morale and retention to productivity and revenue.

Employee Interdepartmental Surveys by Satrix Solutions can help avoid those frustrations by assessing the performance of your various departments and how well they are serving internal colleagues.

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Measure Internal Customer Satisfaction

Armed with your employees’ candid feedback, we analyze the results and provide recommendations for eliminating the roadblocks that stand in the way of employee satisfaction and cross-department cohesion.

The insights we deliver will empower department heads to continuously improve the overall service and support provided by their teams.

Implementing this feedback loop has a number of key benefits that will be felt immediately within your organization:

  • Fosters more collaboration and efficiency among departments
  • Uncovers areas of interdepartmental conflict so you can proactively address it
  • Encourages those who serve internal colleagues to be just as customer focused as the rest of the company
  • Arms department heads with important feedback on how their teams are inhibiting or strengthening the overall customer experience
  • Creates better working relationships for teams separated by building, city, or even country

Ensure Internal Department Satisfaction

When rating their colleagues’ performance, employees generally feel more comfortable sharing honest feedback with a third party. Satrix Solutions acts an objective partner, bringing forth our extensive expertise in designing the survey, developing communications, analyzing the quantitative and qualitative feedback and delivering findings to each department head.

Teams that work better together are happier, more productive, and feel a stronger connection to companywide initiatives. Contact Satrix Solutions today to learn how Interdepartmental Employee Surveys can solve your internal customer challenges.