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CX Chats

An interview series with Ben Holland, where we talk to industry leaders in the field of customer experience and customer success. Each interview dives deep into the insights from each leader and highlights how they became successful, tips for aspiring CX professionals, and their thoughts on the future of CX.

About Our Host

A seasoned marketing professional with over 16 years of experience in entrepreneurship, digital and traditional marketing. Throughout his career, he has served in various capacities, including as an owner, contractor, and department head, specializing in strategizing, budgeting, and leading successful campaigns.

Ben's track record speaks for itself. He's been honored with 13 prestigious marketing awards, including Marketer of the Year, and has participated in many national PR opportunities. He's also had the privilege of serving on four different marketing boards and was even elected as President of the American Marketing Association.

When he's not busy driving results, Ben loves spending time with his family and engaging in outdoor activities like softball, basketball, and hiking. As a goal-oriented and data-driven individual, Ben welcomes any challenge that comes his way.

Episode List


Lee Kemp  Interview thumbnail

We had the privilege of sitting down with CX expert Lee Kemp from Atlanta, GA, to discuss the importance of utilizing customer feedback, the future of CX, and how to excel in this dynamic field.

Lee Kemp
Joel Sylvester Interview thumbnail

Joe Sylvester's experiences and wisdom offer a valuable glimpse into the multifaceted world of CX leadership, shedding light on the strategies, challenges, and exciting possibilities that lie ahead for those who embark on this rewarding path.

Joel Sylvester
Simona Barcau Interview thumbnail

Her insights offer valuable lessons for professionals across industries, reminding us that understanding, listening to, and empathizing with customers are the cornerstones of achieving excellence.

Simona Barcău
Karyn Furstman Interview thumbnail

Our conversation with Karyn Furstman offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of CX consulting. Her journey, expertise, and practical insights provide a roadmap for aspiring CX leaders and consultants.

Karyn Furstman
www.satrixsolutions.comhubfsMichelle Spaul Interview thumbnail

Michelle Spall, a CX Consultant at Delta Swan, offers valuable advice for those embarking on their first 100 days as a CX leader and shares her insights on the current & future landscape of customer experience strategies.

Michelle Spaul
www.satrixsolutions.comhubfsAndrew Carothers Interview thumbnail

Andrew shares his journey to becoming a CX executive, the importance of data and customer understanding in the first 100 days, and Cisco's current and future CX strategy.

Andrew Carothers
Jason Farrell  CCO Interview thumbnail

With an impressive background in financial services and a successful track record as a consultant and leader, Jason brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to the table.

Jason Farrell
Damian Howley CCO Interview thumbnail

In this insightful conversation, Damien shares his journey in the software industry, his perspective on the future of customer success, and the crucial role of customer-centricity in driving growth.

Damien Howley