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CX Tips For Legal SAAS Companies

CX Tips For Legal SAAS Companies


Sally Roberts, Head of Customer at Legatics began her journey studying law but soon realized that her true calling lay elsewhere. She ventured into legal publishing, focusing on online legal products, and later shifted to knowledge management roles in law firms. This progression eventually led her to consultancy roles, bridging the gap between law firms' technology use and operational workflows. Today, Sally is at the helm of customer experience at Legatics, a legal tech organization specializing in transaction management platforms predominantly used by law firms.

What advice do you have for someone's first 100 days as head of CX?

Reflecting on her early days at Legatics, Sally emphasizes the importance of being selective with one's time. The initial days can be overwhelming, with a barrage of information and demands. She advises new CX heads to focus on absorbing information, identifying quick wins, and understanding customer bases. Establishing a solid foundation in the first hundred days is crucial for long-term success.

What does your CX strategy focus on currently and in the future?

At Legatics, the current strategy revolves around user adoption, particularly focusing on lawyers, the primary users of their platform. The approach is to understand and cater to lawyers' unique processes. Sally’s team measures success based on the number of legal matters processed on their platform and other metrics such as user engagement and customer references.

How Do You Measure Success With CX?

In discussing the success of her CX strategy, Sally is clear about the key metrics that matter at Legatics. They closely monitor the number of legal matters processed through their platform, using this as a primary indicator of engagement and value. However, Sally's team goes beyond just usage statistics. They also gauge success through customer responsiveness, event participation, willingness to provide case studies, and reference ability. Despite the challenge of balancing manual and automated processes, Sally emphasizes the need for diverse data points to understand and enhance customer satisfaction.

What pain points do you have leading a CX team?

Sally identifies data acquisition and resource allocation across different functions as primary challenges. Balancing commercial roles with adoption-focused tasks and ensuring the team is engaged and productive are key aspects of her leadership role.

How do you establish partnerships and gain buy-in with the C-suite?

Influencing C-suite decisions is easier at Legatics, given the CEO’s deep involvement in product development. Sally highlights the importance of building business cases for new technologies and ensuring investments align with organizational goals. She shares insights on how customer feedback, gathered through various channels, is crucial in shaping the product development roadmap.

Do you have an example of utilizing customer feedback to improve your company?

Sally cites several instances where customer feedback has been pivotal in shaping Legatics’ offerings. The company has an active feedback system integrated into its product, funneling user suggestions directly to the product development team. This approach has prioritized several user-suggested features in the product roadmap. Beyond collecting feedback, Sally highlights how they foster customer engagement in the development process, allowing users to participate in feature discovery and thus enhancing overall adoption and satisfaction. Additionally, targeted customer roundtables have created a community-like environment where users can share experiences and suggestions, further informing Legatics' CX strategies and product development.

What is the future of CX?

Sally envisions a future where CX teams are seen as trusted advisors, not just vendors. She stresses the importance of team expertise in product knowledge and the need for more data-driven processes to scale operations efficiently. She also underscores the necessity of establishing relationships at higher organizational levels to expand product adoption.

About Sally Roberts

sally roberts headshotBased in Manchester, UK, Sally frequently travels to London for work and networking. She remains active on LinkedIn and encourages connections and conversations about her work and the broader CX landscape.

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