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B2B Customer Churn Analysis

Gain rich insights into customer pain-points to prevent future churn

Identify customer frustrations, understand precisely why customers leave, and leverage those powerful insights to increase retention and renewal. 


B2B Churn Analysis Program Management

In-Depth Interviews & Online Surveys

We ask the right questions to diagnose the key drivers of customer churn, and identify the specific actions your organization should prioritize to maximize customer retention.

Our team of experts conduct online surveys and in-depth interviews with key customer contacts to systematically uncover and analyze patterns among churned accounts.

We then use the robust feedback acquired to deliver a roadmap for your organization to address trouble spots and eliminate prominent dissatisfiers.

Use Churn Analysis to improve your company's reputation and prevent competitors from poaching your customers.

Feedback Methods

In-Depth Phone Interviews
Online Surveys

We collaborate with clients to design a customized program to gather actionable insights from churned accounts, including in-depth interviews (IDIs) and/or online surveys.

Our clients return year after year because we establish trusted partner relationships, driven by our ability to integrate and deliver relevant and actionable recommendations rapidly.

Our consultants provide clear guidance on operationalizing customer experience programs and identifying the “levers to pull” to improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn.

Our ongoing success is reflected in our own Net Promoter Score, which has stayed above +85 since the company was founded.

A reliable and representative data set is vital for many reasons, and we don’t overlook this. Our focus is to obtain a remarkable level of unfiltered insight, so business leaders can trust our analysis and recommendations to make important decisions affecting customer satisfaction and retention.

The team at Satrix Solutions is skilled at dissecting and examining interview and survey feedback to identify key findings and themes without preconceived notions or bias. This ensures you get the unvarnished truth about customer sentiment, perceptions, and frustrations.

In addition, we deliver extensive reporting and dashboards - customized to meet your needs - that serve as a roadmap for leadership to address perceived product & service gaps, and prevent the competition from stealing your customers.

Founded In


Satrix Solutions has implemented Customer Experience and Churn Analysis programs for B2B companies since 2008.

Our extensive experience enables us to design successful programs that result in improved customer retention, better renewal rates, and a stronger brand reputation.

Satrix Solutions' clients routinely share the results of their customer feedback programs with the Board of Directors. Our experienced consultants are skilled at distilling extensive quantitative and qualitative feedback into a handful of impactful slides for consumption by investors and other Board members.

In addition, we're fortunate to have the trust of numerous VC and PE firms and serve as a preferred partner to their portfolio companies. 

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B2B Customer Experience Capabilities

Customer Experience & Employee Engagement Services

In addition to Customer Churn Analysis in-depth interviews (IDIs) and surveys, Satrix Solutions partners with business-to-business companies to establish structured feedback programs at critical touchpoints across the customer and employee journey. A complete lifecycle approach enables us to provide insights that have significantly enhanced the experience of customers, prospects, and employees.


Our Case Studies

Trusted Partnerships With Proven ROI

Satrix Solutions' clients have experienced quantifiable ROI with our Churn Analysis Programs. By routinely garnering above-average participation rates, uncovering robust competitive intelligence, delivering actionable insights, and sharing our unbiased recommendations, our clients have the detail they need to retain more customers. 

98% Retention Rate

Find out how IHS Markit, now S&P Global uses customer service excellence as a differentiator and retains more clients.

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Retain the Advantage

Ascentis leveraged churn interviews to understand changing competitive dynamics.

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More Expansion Opportunities

Find out how WEX's customers have become more receptive to larger engagements.

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Use insights into why customers churn to improve renewal rates.
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Our In-Depth Interview Process

Trustworthy, Actionable & Impactful

Our expert interviewers are adept at listening attentively to tone, voice inflections, and other cues, then probing to acquire the important nuggets beneath the surface.

Our intentionality in getting beyond the superficial and honing in on the root cause enables us to understand high-level drivers and secondary and tertiary factors contributing to customer churn.

This detail, along with rich competitive intelligence, is then used by our clients to take the appropriate steps to address prominent customer pain-points that will improve customer satisfaction and retention.


Interviews with internal stakeholders to align on objectives
Satrix to review sales and marketing collateral to gain an in-depth understanding of the offering
Collaborate on a list of topics and prepare the interview guide and/or survey
Devise the methodology that will determine which churned customers will be targeted for an interview or survey

Data Collection

Create compelling outreach communication to maximize participation
Invite targeted contacts to participate in the research
Satrix conducts the interviews and/or designs the surveys to gather robust feedback
Real-time reporting is shared to provide visibility for key stakeholders


Individual interview reports delivered with executive summary and complete transcript
Detailed analysis prepared at agreed upon timeline with prominent themes, churn drivers & recommendations
Detailed competitive intelligence insights with information that can be ingested into competitive battlecards
Third-party findings and actionable insights presented to leadership at regular intervals


Present the final analysis to relevant teams
Share insights with Sales, Marketing, Product, Customer Success, Competitive Intel, etc.
Provide content and / or present at Sales Kick-off, CS offsites or strategy sessions
Use examples of success and mis-steps to train / educate customer-facing team members
Ensure insights gleaned are made available to those in a position to benefit


Garner buy-in across the team
Share high-level results and insights
Gather feedback on reports delivered
Addresses any questions or concerns
Refine approach as needed to maximize ROI

The Advantages of IDIs

All About In-Depth Interviews

Learn all there is to know about IDIs from our experts.

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Reporting and Analysis

Customized Reporting & Dashboards

Our retention experts will deliver individual interview reports and detailed reporting for stakeholders with our objective analysis, interpretation, and recommendations to act on the findings uncovered.

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Our Testimonials

Exceptional Results & Customer Service

Read how our clients feel about Satrix Solutions and our success in helping them realize the financial benefits of creating a differentiated service experience.

I strongly recommend Satrix Solutions to organizations looking for an advantage in client retention or go-to-market strategies.

Their unwavering commitment from an executive-level to the teams supporting our success are unmatched and measurable.


The personal approach of one-to-one conversations Satrix Solutions has with our valued customers aligns well with the high level of service they are accustomed to receiving.

Satrix Solutions has been a valued partner for WEX. The expertise they lend to our Voice of the Customer program has been essential as we continue to reinforce our customer experience focus and recognize the benefits of doing so.


Satrix Solutions is an expert at translating customer insights into improvement opportunities.

More importantly, their Voice of the Customer programs are tailored to each client’s specific goals to ensure maximum impact across the organization.

For Command Alkon, one element of the engagement that stands out is their deep knowledge around closed-loop best practices. Satrix Solutions developed a comprehensive plan and trained our staff to expertly conduct and document the closed-loop conversations with our customers.

The training equipped our employees with new techniques that allow them to adeptly recognize touchpoints, which are pivotal to the customer experience; and empower them to find innovative approaches to enrich the experience. Thanks to Satrix Solutions, we have significantly strengthened our relationships with customers.

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What Is A B2B Churn Analysis Program?

Listen, Learn & Act

A customer churn analysis is market research that highlights risks to existing revenue and opportunities to prevent future defection. It is research best conducted by a third-party expert so former customers can share candid feedback on the real reasons they left. Detailed insights are collected using in-depth interviews (IDIs) and/or surveying key decision-makers.


In-depth phone interviews (IDIs) with decision-makers, conducted by skilled practitioners
Detailed interview analysis with an executive summary and specific recommendations
Comprehensive, board quality reports focusing on recurring themes, decision drivers & competitive intelligence
Insights on the changing competitive landscape for leverage to retain more customers

Common Questions

How would you describe the experience you had with [Company] from the beginning?
Was your experience fairly consistent?
Were there bumps in the road?
How was the onboarding / implementation process?
What were the main factors that drove your decision to stop working with [Company]?
What could [Company] have done better?
How did your co-workers / employees feel about using [Company]'s solution?
How would you describe the impact / ROI you experienced working with [Company]?
Have you engaged another company? Who & why?

Why is Churn Analysis Important

Eliminate Broken Links & Guide Improvement

Customer churn can harm a company in a variety of ways. It can weigh on office morale, expose product or service issues, and harm your reputation among buyers and other industry professionals. While these are all adverse side effects of losing customers, the most damaging impact of churn is its impact on a company’s growth rate and future valuation.


Customer Churn Resources

Thought Leadership & Expertise

We offer a robust collection of best practices, tips, and guidebooks on CX and EX strategy — all crafted to help get ahead in today's competitive market.

Common churn factors

Why Customers Churn

Understand the complexities of customer churn.

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Rentention Strategies

Retention Strategies

These strategies ensure everything is done to prevent customer churn.

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Churn Prevention Strategies

Churn Prevention Strategies

Expert strategies to lower churn rates.

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Learn Why Customers Churn
Retain more revenue by understanding precisely why customers leave.
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