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What Is A B2B Churn Analysis Program?

What Is A B2B Churn Analysis Program?

A customer churn analysis is market research that highlights risks to existing revenue and opportunities to prevent future defection. It is research best conducted by a third-party expert so former customers can share candid feedback on the real reasons they left. Detailed insights are collected using in-depth interviews (IDIs) and/or surveying key decision-makers.

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Churn Analysis Program Deliverables


In-depth phone interviews (IDIs) with decision-makers, conducted by skilled practitioners
Detailed interview analysis with an executive summary and specific recommendations
Comprehensive, board quality reports focusing on recurring themes, decision drivers & competitive intelligence
Insights on the changing competitive landscape for leverage to retain more customers

Churn Analysis Question Examples

Common Questions

How would you describe the experience you had with [Company] from the beginning?
Was your experience fairly consistent?
Were there bumps in the road?
How was the onboarding / implementation process?
What were the main factors that drove your decision to stop working with [Company]?
What could [Company] have done better?
How did your co-workers / employees feel about using [Company]'s solution?
How would you describe the impact / ROI you experienced working with [Company]?
Have you engaged another company? Who & why?
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Why Is Churn Analysis Important

Customer churn can harm a company in a variety of ways. It can weigh on office morale, expose product or service issues, and harm your reputation among buyers and other industry professionals. While these are all adverse side effects of losing customers, the most damaging impact of churn is its impact on a company’s growth rate and future valuation.

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