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Jen Klimas, Director, Delivery Excellence

“Partnering with the Satrix team has been a great experience for Beamery! You are an amazing, strategic, and helpful partner. The insights Satrix has delivered have been important to our planning.”

Peter Draper, Vice President, Customer Success

“We recently engaged Evan and the Satrix Solutions team to help us launch a Relationship NPS program at Shiftboard. Satrix managed the survey and reminder communication process effectively, ensured we collected a statistically significant set of survey responses, and delivered effective analysis and insights from the results to help drive our organization to respond effectively to the voice of the customer.

The value-adds that Satrix provided us throughout this process is what really set them apart from others. They identified the key success criteria we needed in advance, and were proactive in driving us to improve our segmentation data and processes to maximize our value from an NPS program.

The team is knowledgeable, easy to work with, responsive, and always had ideas on how to address constraints or issues that surfaced. The coaching and process insights that Satrix provided us were as valuable as the direct survey work itself.

I would recommend the Satrix team to any organization looking to launch such an NPS program initiative.”

Shep Maher, EVP, Global Sales

“As a head of sales, I find it critically important to understand why customers buy from you, and why they don’t. Sometimes, your sales team can get candid feedback from customers – but most of the time, they get information that is incomplete. For example, when a customer chooses a different provider, that customer will usually try to soften the feedback by saying “Oh, their price was better” … as opposed to “Well, your approach was off-putting for these specific reasons”. You miss the “real real” feedback because of human nature – they don’t want to share the full truth.

Having the right partner, an impartial third party, can transform these critical interviews from “nice chats” to really valuable learning lessons. I have worked with several providers over the years, and Satrix Solutions is hands down the best I’ve ever worked with. They were tireless in getting both “Wins” and “Losses” on the phone, and the quality and depth of information they extracted was incredibly helpful and illuminating.

The team at Satrix really opened our eyes in several ways. They allowed us to see ourselves through our customers’ and prospects’ eyes, which led directly to our changing our approach in competitive selling situations, and immediately improving our win rate. I consider Satrix an invaluable partner and have added them as an on-going annual line item in my budget.

If you are a GTM leader, Satrix has my unconditional endorsement.”

Lissa Andrews, Global Marketing Director

“The personal approach of one-to-one conversations Satrix Solutions has with our valued customers aligns well with the high level of service they are accustomed to receiving. We rely on customer feedback to help design and refine our solutions. The insights we receive from Satrix are an important ingredient in ensuring we continue to provide an industry leading offering and service experience.

Satrix Solutions has been a valued partner for WEX. The expertise they lend to our Voice of the Customer program has been essential as we continue to reinforce our customer experience focus and recognize the benefits of doing so.”

Pamala Bobbitt, Vice President Product Marketing

“Cority has benefited greatly from our ongoing partnership with Satrix Solutions. Our Sales Win Loss program has uncovered valuable insights that have been vital in helping us enhance our sales process, fine-tune our messaging, and respond quickly and effectively to changes in the competitive landscape.”

Debra Squyres, Chief Client Officer
Namely HR

“With three-year revenue growth exceeding 4,000%, Satrix Solutions has been a meaningful contributor to Namely’s success since 2015. We rely on Satrix to guide our client experience strategy and help us strengthen our client relationships.

It is also important to highlight how all levels of the organization benefit from our engagement with Satrix. They regularly come on-site to present their findings, analyses and recommendations to various audiences – from senior leadership to frontline employees, thereby helping us foster a client-centric culture at Namely.

Satrix Solutions is truly an exceptional partner and I strongly encourage any organization committed to customer experience excellence to seriously consider engaging them.”

Ralph Clark, President & CEO

“Satrix Solutions’ expertise helped us to ensure flawless execution of our Net Promoter and Customer Advisory Board programs. Their partnership has been a vital ingredient in ShotSpotter’s goal of delivering a service experience that delights our customers and consistently delivers on our brand promise.”

Leo Marthe, Director of Customer Success
Command Alkon

“Satrix Solutions is an expert at translating customer insights into improvement opportunities. More importantly, their Voice of the Customer programs are tailored to each client’s specific goals to ensure maximum impact across the organization.

For Command Alkon, one element of the engagement that stands out is their deep knowledge around closed-loop best practices. Satrix Solutions developed a comprehensive plan and trained our staff to expertly conduct and document the closed-loop conversations with our customers.

The training equipped our employees with new techniques that allow them to adeptly recognize touchpoints, which are pivotal to the customer experience; and empower them to find innovative approaches to enrich the experience. Thanks to Satrix Solutions, we have significantly strengthened our relationships with customers.”

Heather Clevenger, Director of Marketing Programs

“Forging a partnership with Satrix Solutions has enabled us to measure how well we’re doing and create a customer-centric culture focused on both innovation and improvement.

With a structure and common language revolving around Net Promoter, our internal teams have been able to make significant improvements directly addressing our customers needs.

The Satrix team has expertly guided Parchment, delivering key insights, and in a manner that truly demonstrates customer-centricity. The partnership has been invaluable.”

Sean O’Donovan, VP Customer Success

“Thanks to our partnership with Satrix Solutions, we have gained profound insights into our customer base, had greater success expanding relationships, and built stronger cultural alignment around customer-centricity.”

Michael Yurchuk, Vice President, Human Resources Field Operations
Schindler Elevator Corporation

“Our internal eNPS survey allowed the organization to be heard and allow for meaningful and personal feedback towards the effectiveness of our leaders in establishing loyalty with their employees. This approach allowed us to take a mirror to each leader and set the conditions for meaningful conversations and development.

Satrix’s professionalism, thoroughness, analytical skills and, most of all, their integrity allowed for the organization to provide honest, real feedback.”

Matthew Pittinsky, PH.D. CEO

“Satrix Solutions has sharpened Parchment’s ability to absorb, respond, and react to employee sentiment. In transitioning our employee feedback survey from an in-house activity, we have experienced tangible improvements, especially in the area of analytics and reporting.

We also appreciate how Satrix Solutions keeps the conversation authentic by serving as the go-between between employees and management. This gives us greater confidence when making decisions that affect employee engagement and client satisfaction.”

Jason Ferrara, VP, Marketing

“Satrix Solutions has elevated our efforts to ensure relentless support remains one of IO’s key competitive differentiators. They deliver reliable metrics and insightful recommendations, which will help inform the actions required to continuously improve the customer experience.

Additionally, we have complex confidentiality requirements and Satrix Solutions is incredibly flexible and sensitive to our unique needs.”

Chris Taylor, EVP & Managing Director

“The value that Satrix Solutions brings to our organization goes well beyond the execution of the client satisfaction surveys and other client outreach programs that they manage. The Satrix team has developed a deep understanding of our business and the critical factors that impact our success with current clients and prospects.

This knowledge allows Satrix to provide insights and recommendations that we implement with our account management and sales teams throughout the year. Having Satrix as a partner has reinforced our organization’s commitment to customer service and has cultivated an NPS culture at all levels.”

Erin West, VP Client Services

“The Satrix Solutions team displays a genuine interest in our success and pushes hard to ensure we are attaining maximum value from our client feedback programs. With their expert guidance, actionable insights and sound recommendations, we have significantly strengthened our client engagements since 2010.”

Mike Vaccaro, Chief Client Officer

“Satrix Solutions offers an invaluable service that allows you to truly understand how your clients feel about your company, staff and the services you provide. Clients should always be at the center of your organization, and Satrix Solutions puts them there.”

Rajean Bosier, Client Success Analyst

“Delivering exceptional service is expected at both Satrix Solutions and TriNet. We each deliver, but joining forces surpasses our best individual efforts. I thoroughly enjoy partnering with the Satrix Solutions’ team to advance our client-centric culture.”

Paul Borselli, VP Marketing

“Satrix Solutions provides valuable insights and recommendations, which enables us to delight our clients every day. A true partner, they help us understand how we are servicing our clients so we can resolve issues quickly and effectively.”

Rick Clancy, Corporate Communications

“NPS is one of the most important metrics we track. Thanks to Satrix Solutions’ guidance and recommendations, our survey response rates jumped from the low 20s to the high 70s and our Net Promoter Score increased from +11 percent to +43 percent.”

Marc Greene, Managing Director

“Satrix Solutions is a true partner in every sense. The insights delivered has helped us gain a deep understanding of the loyalty drivers and uncover improvement opportunities in our client relationships. They have undoubtedly helped accelerate the growth we have experienced, thanks to more referrals and higher new business win rates.”

Marcy Wynne, Manager, Research & Insights
C Spire Wireless

“The Satrix Solutions team has truly gone above and beyond to help make the C Spire eNPS program a success. With fairly short notice, the team helped us efficiently make the decisions necessary to launch our benchmark measure in late 2013.

Although we’re just getting started, I believe we have set the foundation incorporating best practices based upon expert advice. I’m also very optimistic that the reporting tools Satrix has created for us will effectively enable the business owners in my organization to make the right decisions regarding how to improve engagement among their teams.

Jonathan is knowledgeable, easy to work with, very accessible and always has the answers and ideas my team needs to make this research work hard for us. I look forward to working with his team on additional projects and would recommend Evan and the Satrix team to any company looking to understand how to get actionable results from an NPS program.”

Casey Davidson
DreamBox Learning

“DreamBox Learning hired Satrix Solutions in early 2013 to implement the Net Promoter System and Survey and build a more customer-centric culture. Evan partnered with our organization to ensure that we got the largest return for our investment with Satrix Solutions. His team helped us design the survey and customer outreach to ensure we captured statistically significant responses from our various buyer and user groups and the back-end operational data to allow us to dig deep within our data to understand what were common characteristics and behaviors of promoters and detractors.

Through our partnership with Satrix Solutions, DreamBox had an extremely high customer response rate, timely and actionable customer feedback on our product and service, new insight into customer satisfaction and loyalty, new data to feed into our product development plans and validation that our focus on client success and satisfaction were paying off.

I recommend Evan and Satrix Solutions highly to any company looking to cultivate a deeper understanding of customer needs, satisfaction and loyalty or looking to develop customer reference program.”

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