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B2B Sales Win-Loss Analysis

Optimize the Sales Process, Outperform the Competition & Improve Sales Win Rates

Business leaders look to Satrix Solutions to identify key factors influencing a purchase decision so valuable learnings and competitive intelligence insights can be applied to win more deals.


Win-Loss Interviews & Surveys

In-Depth Interviews & Online Surveys

A customized Sales Win-Loss Analysis utilizing in-depth interview (IDI) and survey program will leverage candid feedback to replicate success and continually refine the sales approach.

Our team uncovers insights on buyer perceptions of the sales process, sales team members, products/services, pricing, messaging & reputation, competitive advantages & gaps, product-market fit, and more. 

Feedback Methods

In-depth Interviews
Online Surveys

We collaborate with clients to design a customized program to gather actionable insights from customers, including in-depth interviews (IDIs) and/or online surveys.

Our clients return year after year because we establish trusted partner relationships, driven by our ability to integrate and deliver relevant and actionable recommendations rapidly.

Our consultants provide clear guidance on operationalizing customer experience programs and identifying the “levers to pull” to improve customer satisfaction, retention and sales win rates.

Our ongoing success is reflected in our own Net Promoter Score, which has stayed above +85 since the company was founded.

A reliable and representative data set is vital for many reasons, and we don’t overlook this. Our focus is to obtain a remarkable level of unfiltered insight, so business leaders can trust our analysis and recommendations to make important decisions affecting sales and marketing strategies.

The team at Satrix Solutions is highly skilled at dissecting and examining interview and survey feedback to identify key findings and themes without preconceived notions or bias. This ensures unvarnished truth about prospective customers' sentiments, expectations, and perceptions.

In addition, we deliver extensive reporting and dashboards that serve as a roadmap for leadership to address perceived gaps and win more against the competition.

Founded In


Satrix Solutions has been conducting Win-Loss interviews on behalf of our B2B clients since the inception of Satrix in 2008. We use only senior, full-time employees who have the experience, professionalism, and unique skills required to glean as much insight as possible into precisely why Enlighted is winning or losing sales opportunities

Our extensive experience enables us to design successful programs that will result in higher sales win rates, improved performance against the competition, and increased confidence in marketing and messaging efforts.

Satrix Solutions' clients routinely share the results of their customer feedback programs with the Board of Directors. Our experienced consultants are skilled at distilling extensive quantitative and qualitative feedback into a handful of impactful slides for consumption by investors and other Board members.

In addition, we're fortunate to have the trust of numerous VC and PE firms and serve as a preferred partner to their portfolio companies. 

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Refine the sales approach and improve target market engagement by understanding key factors influencing a purchase decision.
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B2B Customer Experience Capabilities

Customer Experience & Employee Engagement Services

In addition to Sales Win-Loss in-depth interviews (IDIs) and surveys, Satrix Solutions partners with business-to-business companies to establish structured feedback programs at critical touchpoints across the customer and employee journey. A complete lifecycle approach enables us to provide insights that have significantly enhanced the experience of customers, prospects, and employees.


Our Case Studies

Trusted Partnerships With Proven ROI

Satrix Solutions' clients have experienced quantifiable ROI with our Sales Win-Loss Programs. By routinely garnering above-average participation rates, uncovering robust competitive intelligence, delivering actionable insights, and sharing our unbiased recommendations, our clients have the detail they need to continuously refine the sales process and win more deals. 

Higher Sales Win Rates

Cority now has a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape.

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Win in New Markets

With Satrix Solutions, Ascentis established a new go-to-market messaging campaign to increase market share.

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45% Revenue Increase

Find out how IHS Markit, now S&P Global increased revenue by utilizing Sales Win-Loss.

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Refine the sales approach and improve target market engagement by understanding key factors influencing a purchase decision.
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Our In-Depth Interview Process

Trustworthy, Actionable & Impactful

Our expert interviewers are adept at listening attentively to tone, voice inflections, and other cues, then probing to acquire the important nuggets beneath the surface.

Our intentionality in getting beyond the superficial and honing in on the root cause enables us to understand high-level drivers and secondary and tertiary factors contributing to a sales win or loss.

This detail, along with rich competitive intelligence, is then used by our clients to refine the sales, demo, and sandbox approach, enhance competitive battlecards, and gain a deeper understanding of how their offerings are perceived.


Interviews with internal stakeholders to align on objectives
Satrix to review sales and marketing collateral to gain an in-depth understanding of the offering
Collaborate on a list of topics and prepare the interview guide and/or survey
Devise the methodology that will determine which win-loss targets will be provided to Satrix Solutions

Data Collection

Create compelling outreach communication to maximize participation
Invite targeted contacts to participate in the research
Satrix conducts the interviews and/or designs the surveys to gather robust feedback
Real-time reporting is shared to provide visibility for key stakeholders


Individual interview reports delivered with executive summary and complete transcript
Detailed analysis prepared at agreed upon timeline with prominent themes, win/loss drivers & recommendations
Detailed competitive intelligence insights with information that can be ingested into competitive battlecards
Third-party findings and actionable insights presented to leadership at regular intervals


Present the final analysis to relevant teams
Share insights with Sales, Marketing, Product, Service, Competitive Intel, etc
Provide content and / or present at Sales Kick-off
Use examples of success and mis-steps to train / educate Sales team members
Ensure insights gleaned are made available to those in a position to benefit


Garner buy-in across the team
Share high-level results and insights
Gather feedback on reports delivered
Addresses any questions or concerns
Refine approach as needed to maximize ROI

The Advantages of IDIs

All About In-Depth Interviews

Learn all there is to know about IDIs from our experts.

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Reporting and Analysis

Customized Reporting & Dashboards

Our Win-Loss experts aggregate critical trends and objective insights, delivering custom reporting and real-time dashboards that drive actions to improve sales effectiveness and win more against the competition.

Our Testimonials

Exceptional Results & Customer Service

Read how our clients feel about Satrix Solutions and our success in helping them realize the financial benefits of creating a differentiated service experience.

As a head of sales, I find it critically important to understand why customers buy from you, and why they don’t.

Sometimes, your sales team can get candid feedback from customers – but most of the time, they get information that is incomplete. For example, when a customer chooses a different provider, that customer will usually try to soften the feedback by saying “Oh, their price was better” … as opposed to “Well, your approach was off-putting for these specific reasons”.

You miss the “real real” feedback because of human nature – they don’t want to share the full truth.

Having the right partner, an impartial third party, can transform these critical interviews from “nice chats” to really valuable learning lessons. I have worked with several providers over the years, and Satrix Solutions is hands down the best I’ve ever worked with. They were tireless in getting both “Wins” and “Losses” on the phone, and the quality and depth of information they extracted was incredibly helpful and illuminating.

The team at Satrix really opened our eyes in several ways. They allowed us to see ourselves through our customers’ and prospects’ eyes, which led directly to our changing our approach in competitive selling situations, and immediately improving our win rate. I consider Satrix an invaluable partner and have added them as an on-going annual line item in my budget.

If you are a GTM leader, Satrix has my unconditional endorsement.


Cority has benefited greatly from our ongoing partnership with Satrix Solutions.

Our Sales Win Loss program has uncovered valuable insights that have been vital in helping us enhance our sales process, fine-tune our messaging, and respond quickly and effectively to changes in the competitive landscape.


Satrix Solutions is a true partner in every sense.

The insights delivered has helped us gain a deep understanding of the loyalty drivers and uncover improvement opportunities in our client relationships. They have undoubtedly helped accelerate the growth we have experienced, thanks to more referrals and higher new business win rates.

Obtain Competitor Intelligence
Gain ongoing insights into the perceived strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition.
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What Is A B2B Sales Win-Loss Analysis?

Drive Sales Effectiveness & Increase Sales Win Rates

A B2B Sales Win-Loss Analysis is research best conducted by a third-party expert so prospective buyers can share candid feedback on the real reasons they selected a company after evaluation. Detailed insights are collected using in-depth interviews (IDIs) and/or online surveys of key decision-makers after a decision is made. Win-Loss interviews and surveys are an effective method of obtaining robust competitive intelligence and gaining a deeper understanding of how potential customers perceive offerings.


In-depth phone interviews (IDIs) with decision-makers, conducted by skilled practitioners
Detailed interview analysis with an executive summary and specific recommendations
Comprehensive, board quality reports focusing on recurring themes, decision drivers & competitive intelligence
Insights on the changing competitive landscape for leverage to win more deals

Common Questions

What was the impetus to evaluate [Company] and others?
How did you learn about [Company] in the first place?
Please describe your overall evaluation process?
Did you conduct an RFP? If so, how was [Company's] response?
What were some of your key requirements?
Did you use a weighting or scoring system to cull the list of contenders?
Did [Company] have any mis-steps or opportunities for improvement?
What opinions did your team have towards the features and functionality of their service / solution?
Who else was involved in the evaluation and decision making process?
What other companies were considered?
How did the features and functionality compare?
How did pricing compare?
What were the primary differentiators?
What led you to select [Company] or a competitor?
Did you speak with references as part of your evaluation?
How would you characterize the market's perception of [Company]?

Win-Loss Analysis Template

Tips for establishing a Sales Win-Loss Program criteria and questions.

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Why Sales Win-Loss is Important

Improve Sales Process, Beat The Competition & Increase Wins

Insights from a Sales Win-Loss Analysis help clarify the real reasons a sales opportunity is won or lost and assess how prospects perceive your messaging and positioning. These insights enable business leaders to fine-tune preparation for sales meetings, improve the effectiveness of the sales process, and clarify how your company's value proposition resonates with your target market. The feedback will also help isolate the components of differentiation and buyer considerations that resonate most with your ideal customers.

Research & Insights-min

Win & Loss Drivers

Sales Win-Loss Resources

Thought Leadership & Expertise

We offer an excellent collection of best practices, tips, and guidebooks on CX and EX strategy — all crafted to help get ahead in today's competitive market.

Sales win loss ebook

Sales Win-Loss eBook

Tips For Executing A Successful Sales Win-Loss Program.

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Sales win loss ROI

ROI of Sales Win-Loss

Quantify The ROI For A Sales Win-Loss Program.

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Sales Win Loss Factors

Sales Win-Loss Factors

The Main Factors Driving Wins And Losses In B2B.

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Learn The Why
Refine the sales approach and improve target market engagement by understanding key factors influencing a purchase decision.
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