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Sales Win Loss Analysis

Gain a deep understanding of how your company is perceived by prospects and identify specific steps your team can take to increase sales effectiveness.

Uncover the Truth

Whether you’re reveling in the excitement of a new win or suffering the sting of a disappointing loss – for better or worse – nothing should prevent you from taking a critical look at how you were perceived during the sales process. What aspects of your message resonated most with the decision makers? Where and how did your competition earn some extra goodwill? Are there any perceived gaps in the product or service?

With so many factors involved in a purchase decision, making assumptions or using anecdotal feedback from the sales team isn’t the way to answer these and other important questions. Your organization has a tremendous investment in new customer acquisition. The question is, how can you maximize this investment? Pinpoint what really leads to a purchase decision by conducting an independent sales win loss analysis.

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Improve Win Rates

It’s easy to continue habits that you think are effective, or conversely, expend time and resources driving changes that have little or no impact on improving your sales effectiveness. This makes a sales win loss analysis one of the most valuable programs you can implement.

Stellar references, better terms, a more likable sales person? The unbiased interviews we conduct with key decision makers ensure your sales techniques and product development efforts continually evolve to meet the ever-changing competitive landscape. What’s more, our insightful executive summaries and verbatim commentaries allow you to confidently distinguish areas of strength and weakness in your corporate positioning.

Surpass the Competition

A sales win loss analysis program is an important first step for any organization looking to enhance its reputation, drive improvements in sales behaviors, and increase win rates. By streamlining feedback to the product development team, clearing up misperceptions in the marketplace, or creating a better perception of your organization via a more knowledgeable and client-centric sales team – we help you strengthen your competitive position.

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