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B2B Sales Win-Loss Analysis

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Top Win-Loss Experts

In-Depth Interviews & Online Surveys

A customized Sales Win-Loss Analysis utilizing in-depth interview (IDI) and survey program will leverage unbiased and unfiltered feedback to replicate success and continually refine the sales approach.

Our team uncovers insights on buyer perceptions of the sales process, sales team members, products/services, pricing, messaging & reputation, competitive advantages & gaps, product-market fit, and more. 

  1. Our Advantages

    CX Research

    Experienced Interviewers
    Unearth Unfiltered Truths
    Strategic Competitive Edge
    Unbiased Analysis & Interpretation Data-Driven Decision Making
    Drive Org-Wide Strategy

Win More Deals Now
Refine the sales approach and improve target market engagement by understanding key factors influencing a purchase decision.

B2B Customer Experience Capabilities

Customer Experience & Employee Engagement Services

In addition to Sales Win-Loss in-depth interviews (IDIs) and surveys, Satrix Solutions partners with business-to-business companies to establish structured feedback programs at critical touchpoints across the customer and employee journey. A complete lifecycle approach enables us to provide insights that have significantly enhanced the experience of customers, prospects, and employees.

Our Case Studies

Trusted Partnerships With Proven ROI

Satrix Solutions' clients have experienced quantifiable ROI with our Sales Win-Loss Programs. By routinely garnering above-average participation rates, uncovering robust competitive intelligence, delivering actionable insights, and sharing our unbiased recommendations, our clients have the detail they need to continuously refine the sales process and win more deals. 

Higher Sales Win Rates

Cority now has a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape.

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Win in New Markets

With Satrix Solutions, Ascentis established a new go-to-market messaging campaign to increase market share.

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45% Revenue Increase

Find out how IHS Markit, now S&P Global increased revenue by utilizing Sales Win-Loss.

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Increase Sales Now
Refine the sales approach and improve target market engagement by understanding key factors influencing a purchase decision.

Customized In-Depth Interview Design

Trustworthy, Actionable & Impactful

Our intentionality in getting beyond the superficial and honing in on the root cause enables us to understand high-level drivers and secondary and tertiary factors contributing to a sales win or loss. This detail, along with rich competitive intelligence, is used by our clients to refine the sales, demo, and sandbox approach, enhance competitive battlecards, and gain a deeper understanding of how their offerings are perceived.

Qualitative Research Method

Sales Win-Loss Resources

Thought Leadership & Expertise

We offer an excellent collection of best practices, tips, and guidebooks on CX and EX strategy — all crafted to help get ahead in today's competitive market.

Sales Win-Loss eBook

Tips For Executing A Successful Sales Win-Loss Program.

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ROI of Sales Win-Loss

Quantify The ROI For A Sales Win-Loss Program.

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Sales Win-Loss Factors

The Main Factors Driving Wins And Losses In B2B.

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