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To meet the needs of customers, products can’t be developed in a vacuum. You need a partner who will actively listen to customers to understand pain points and translate that knowledge to help inform your product roadmap accordingly.

Customers have a lot of opinions when it comes to your products and services. Do you have a proper process in place to collect product feedback and distill it into improvement opportunities?

Working hand-in-hand with Product Development, we actively listen to customers to identify products and features that will have the greatest overall impact on the customer experience. Plus, by partnering with us, you’ll benefit from our domain expertise, objectivity, ongoing commitment, and adherence to best practices. This ensures your resources are best used on endeavors that customers value.

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    CX Research

    EXCEPTIONAL Service Customized Programs High Survey Response Rates Unbiased Analysis & Interpretation B2B Voice of Customer (VoC) Experts Venture Capital & Private Equity Approved

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Work with Satrix Solutions and benefit from flawless VoC design and exceptional execution.

B2B Customer Experience Capabilities

Customer Experience & Employee Engagement Services

Satrix Solutions partners with B2B company leaders, offering a comprehensive suite of services. We provide a complete lifecycle approach that delivers valuable insights by establishing structured feedback programs at critical touchpoints throughout the customer and employee journey. These insights can significantly enhance the experience for customers, prospects, and employees, resulting in better overall business outcomes.

Customer Experience Resources

Thought Leadership & Expertise

We offer an excellent collection of best practices, tips, and guidebooks on CX and EX strategy — all crafted to help the company get ahead in today's competitive market.

Best CX KPIs To Track ROI

Measure the true impact of your customer experience program.

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How To Pick A CX Research Company

This post will cover the steps needed to find the right CX research company.

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How To Plan A CX Budget

By aligning your CX goals and tying your goals to KPIs, you can ensure that you make a valuable investment.

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