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Onboarding / Implementation Survey

Determine whether your first impression establishes a firm foundation for long-term, successful engagements with customers, or sets the stage for inevitable customer churn.

Gauging Early Value

For new customers, the first moments of truth set the tone for your engagement. Did your customers feel that their expectations were properly managed, that they were adequately guided through the implementation process, and thoroughly trained and supported?

Opportunities often exist for a smoother onboarding or implementation experience. The question is, how do you improve this decisive phase of the customer’s journey?

Early value and initial success need to be recognized in order to instill confidence that the engagement will be successful over the long-term. This starts with gathering meaningful feedback shortly after a one-time project is complete or a few months after the “go-live” date. And, it continues with acting on the important insights shared by your customers and committing to continuous improvement.

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Securing Customer Success

When first impressions fail to impress or customers struggle to perceive early benefits of the engagement, it can permanently damage the relationship and essentially guarantee higher customer churn rates. That’s why a new customer onboarding or post-implementation survey is an ideal instrument to determine if customers are achieving initial success with your products and services.

Working in close partnership with your team, we manage the onboarding or implementation survey process from start to finish. This systematic approach allows us to uncover the insights you require to improve the new customer experience and successfully address their early needs, thus paving a way to higher customer retention rates for your company.

Gaining Loyal Advocates

From start-ups to well established brands, very few companies are immune to the high costs of customer acquisition. Therefore, it is especially important to objectively evaluate whether customers are experiencing real value early on in the onboarding or implementation process. The pay-off includes happier and more loyal clients who engage longer, continue to purchase additional products and services, and contribute to the long-term, sustainable growth of your business.

Don’t overlook the importance of conducting a postmortem on your new customer onboarding or implementation process, contact us today.