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Customer Experience Consulting

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Voice of Customer & Employee Engagement Services

Our experienced and passionate research consultants partner with you to design, execute, and maximize the ROI of your customer and employee feedback programs. We serve as an expert third party to deliver the data, insights, and recommendations you can rely on to drive continuous improvements in customer and employee loyalty.



"Excellent Customer Experience Consultants"


"Satrix is not just a vendor; they are a true PARTNER that will help you grow your business!"


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Customer-Led Growth
Make Customer Experience A Differentiator.

Why Companies Choose Us

Exceptional Client Service & Quantifiable Results

Satrix Solutions serves as a true market research partner to your company, delivering robust reporting and actionable insights you can trust. By ensuring your customer experience and employee engagement programs adhere to best practices, your team will have the confidence to act on the findings and establish customer and employee loyalty as key competitive advantages.

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Thanks to improvements in customer loyalty, retention, referrals, & employee engagement, our clients see accelerated profit growth and higher valuations.

Real Results
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We deliver data, trends, insights, and unbiased recommendations to enable decision-making that maximizes ROI.

Actionable Insights
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We go all out for our clients, and they appreciate our intense focus on service excellence. We routinely achieve world-class levels in our own NPS surveys.

Exceptional Service
Objective Third Party

Using a third party provides anonymity, candor, and objectivity, ensuring reliable, unbiased feedback. Making our recommendations easy to trust.

Objective Third Party
Dedicated Partner

We manage customer & employee feedback initiatives to ensure success while freeing up internal resources. Our team provides expertise & dedication to keep programs on track.

Dedicated Partner
Business to Business Expert Consultants

We help B2B organizations unlock customer & employee feedback. Our tailored feedback programs ensure everyone is heard & stakeholders stay informed.

B2B Experts

Our Case Studies

Trusted Partnerships With Proven ROI

Satrix Solutions' clients greatly value their partnership with us, as evidenced by the fact that many renew and often expand their engagements year after year. Delivering actionable customer, employee, and competitive insights, along with our impartial recommendations, enables our clients to focus their efforts on improvements that will have the greatest impact on the business.

45% Revenue Increase

Discover how IHS Markit (now S&P Global) prioritized customer service excellence to increase their competitive advantage.

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96% "A Player" Retention

Learn how Schindler established an eNPS program to develop their Managers and improve the culture.

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