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Satrix Saves The Seas Scholarship

Encouraging Students Who Are Passionate About The Field Of Water Conservation

The Satrix Saves The Seas Scholarship is a prestigious award aimed at supporting and encouraging students who are passionate about the field of life sciences and its applications to water conservation. This scholarship recognizes water's critical role in sustaining life and ecosystems and seeks to foster innovative solutions and advancements in this area.

The scholarship is open to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in accredited universities or colleges, majoring in any discipline within the life sciences, including but not limited to biology, ecology, environmental science, biochemistry, and hydrology. Applicants should demonstrate a strong academic record, a genuine interest in water conservation, and a commitment to positively impacting this crucial field.

Successful applicants will receive $250 in financial support to further their education and gain recognition for their dedication to water conservation. The scholarship award can be used to cover tuition fees, textbooks, research expenses, or any other educational costs.

  1. Scholarship Details

    Satrix Saves The Seas

    $250 Award 6/15/24 Application Deadline
    Undergraduate And Graduate Students
    Majoring In Any Discipline Within Life Sciences