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Gather deep insight on the competition through the lens of those who have intimate knowledge your industry – your prospects, existing customers, and former customers.

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge 

The competitive landscape is constantly changing. To keep up with shifting markets, you need a proven process for evaluating your position within the industry and identifying opportunities for your business to enhance its strengths to outperform the competition.

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Explore our programs for Competitive Intelligence Professionals

Building an effective competitive intelligence program is an ongoing process that requires constant attention. To establish a comprehensive picture, you should keep your finger on the pulse of the evolving needs of the market, including understanding why your existing customers might be receptive to the offerings of your competitors, and the factors that could lead a prospective customer to engage with a competitor instead of your company after a pitch. Importantly, the detail gathered should be leveraged by business leaders across your organization, so vital decisions can be made that better position your company to defend against the competition and gain market share.

To drive meaningful outcomes for your business, we leverage our customized voice of the customer programs to ensure your company has a holistic view of the competitive landscape. Our senior-level consultants then provide detailed reporting highlighting key themes so you can confidently close gaps and increase sales win rates.