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quantitative Market Research & Surveys

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Voice of Customer & Employee Surveys

Design, Manage, Administer, Analyze & Recommend

Our market research and consulting firm is trusted by B2B firms across the globe to collect and interpret customer and employee feedback.

By leveraging our decades of experience and proven approach, our clients have experienced significant increases in customer satisfaction, retention, referrals, and employee engagement.

We serve as an extension of your team to flawlessly execute your program, so we generate the most reliable and representative data that is converted into findings and specific recommendations to improve your business.

  1. Our Advantages

    Quantitative Market Research


    Experts in Survey Design & Execution

    Proven Strategies to Maximize Response Rates 3rd Party Analysis & InterpretationQuantifiable ROI

Invest In Survey Programs
Gain insight into what motivates your customers and employees.

Our Survey Process

Trustworthy, Actionable & Impactful

Since 2008, Satrix Solutions has been delivering rich, valuable insights to B2B companies thanks to our deep understanding of how to design and execute online survey programs. Importantly, we apply proven strategies and best practices to generate reliable, representative, trustworthy data thanks to expert design of the survey instrument and high response rates.

Throughout the process, your assigned team will ensure the program is aligned with your objectives and we're working together to maximize the impact on your business. Our unbiased recommendations and robust reporting will enable your leadership team to enact change that your customers and employees will appreciate. 

  1. Discovery

    1-2 weeksInterview key internal stakeholders to document objectives, discuss expectations and solicit input to inform the survey design processReview relevant data, org structure, collateral, and competitive intelligenceEstablish timing so reporting is available for relevant events, meetings, or offsitesDevelop a detailed project plan with clear deadlines and responsibilities
  2. Survey Design

    2 to 3 weeksIdentify perceived satisfaction and loyalty drivers Align objectives and goals Design the survey questionnaire to elicit insightful and actionable feedback Draft compelling survey communications with a strong call-to-action
    Share content to be socialized internally, including closed-loop playbooks and educational materials
  3. Survey Administration

    3 to 4 weeks Program the questionnaire into the survey software Set up survey software to ensure high email deliverability Optimize survey invitations and reminders Test & quality check Apply response rates maximization strategies Deliver regular reporting during the survey window
    Provide real-time alerting of concerning responsesDevelop code book for verbatim thematic analysis
  4. Reporting & Analysis

    2 to 4 weeksDevelop detailed reporting and dashboards to share with leadership and staff Prepare analysis of cohorts and key customer segments Analyze qualitative and quantitative feedback; identify findings and themes Deliver in-depth analysis with compelling visualizations and objective recommendationsA complete survey response data sheet
    Read-out with leadership and relevant teams, with findings and supporting quotes
    Abbreviated reporting for Board and/or all-staff
  5. Consulting

    OngoingWeekly huddles to discuss best practices, advice for greater adoption and impact, culture-building efforts, and continuous elevation of the maturity of the program

Our Case Studies

Trusted Partnerships With Proven ROI

Satrix Solutions' clients have experienced meaningful ROI with our quantitative survey programs. By routinely garnering above-average participation rates, uncovering robust competitive intelligence, delivering actionable insights, and sharing our unbiased recommendations, our clients leverage the extensive feedback we collect from our quantitative research projects to eliminate potential gaps and strengthen their competitive advantages

96% "A Player" Retention

Gain insights into how Schindler retained 96% of their "A Players" by capitalizing on employee survey programs.

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45% Revenue Increase

Discover how IHS Markit, now S&P Global increased its revenue by 45% by leveraging VoC survey programs.

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Understand the Why
Gain insights into the thoughts of your customers and employees.

Market Research Capabilities

Customer Experience & Employee Engagement Services

At Satrix Solutions, we take a comprehensive lifecycle approach to enhance customer, prospect, and employee experiences, utilizing online surveys, in-depth interviews, and advisory boards. Our insights have proven invaluable in providing meaningful experiences for all three groups.

Survey Resources

Thought Leadership & Expertise

We offer an excellent collection of best practices, tips, and guidebooks on CX and EX strategy — all crafted to help get ahead in today's competitive market.

NPS Research Study

Use, impact, and preference in B2B organizations.

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NPS eBook

Steps for designing an effective Net Promoter Score® survey.

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Response Rate EBook

How to Get Business-to-Business (B2B) Customers to Take Surveys.

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