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Net Promoter Score® (NPS)

Maximize customer loyalty and fuel growth by identifying loyalty enthusiasts who will continue to buy, refer others and resist competitors.

Foster Customer Loyalty

Companies that nurture customer loyalty are often rewarded with clients that engage in behaviors directly linked to profit, such as reduced churn, increased share-of-wallet, and more referrals. A strong indicator of customer behavior, the Net Promoter Score methodology is a powerful system for aligning your entire organization around the important activities that promote a customer-centric culture.

Unlock Growth Potential

Net Promoter is more than a score – it’s an operational discipline. That’s why we work closely with your team and go beyond “the ultimate question” to pinpoint and prioritize service enhancements that will have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction. This ensures every client has a voice, you remain well-informed on customer sentiment, and you become better positioned to maximize your value proposition to stand apart from the competition.

Each engagement includes:

• An expertly designed program that follows best practices & avoids common pitfalls

• Robust reporting & recommendations for continuous improvement

• Educational materials on the actions employees can take to strengthen relationships

• Benchmarking & trend analysis to evaluate ongoing performance

An Expert Team of Practitioners

One of only a handful of U.S. consulting firms officially recognized as a Net Promoter Loyalty Partner, our extensive experience and best practice knowledge in every phase of NPS implementation uniquely positions your company to realize the system’s full potential. What’s more, our unbiased analysis and data-driven insights gives you the confidence to make improvements to your processes, people, products and services to transform the customer experience.

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