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B2B NPS® Surveys, Interviews & Audits

Customer Insights To Improve Loyalty, Reduce Churn, And Win More DealsGET STARTED

Custom B2B Net Promoter® Program Management

Online Surveys, In-Depth Interviews & Program Audits

Working closely with your key stakeholders, our team of experts manage your Net Promoter (NPS) programs from start to finish, applying proven strategies and best practices for B2B companies, while avoiding pitfalls often encountered when NPS is done in-house. 

We design and field your online Net Promoter survey or solicit NPS feedback through in-depth phone interviews. We obtain reliable, representative data and deliver detailed analysis and recommendations that serve as a blueprint for improving customer loyalty.

We can also conduct a detailed audit of your existing program and provide recommendations to ensure you maximize the impact of your customer feedback efforts.

  1. Our Advantages

    CX Research

    EXCEPTIONAL Service Customized Programs High Survey Response Rates Unbiased Analysis & Interpretation B2B Voice of Customer (VoC) Experts Venture Capital & Private Equity Approved

Measure & Improve NPS Now
Work with Satrix Solutions and benefit from flawless design and exceptional execution of your Net Promoter program.

B2B Customer Experience Capabilities

Customer Experience & Employee Engagement Services

In addition to Net Promoter Surveys, In-Depth Interviews (IDIs), and program audits, Satrix Solutions partners with business-to-business companies to establish structured feedback programs at critical touchpoints across the customer and employee journey. A complete lifecycle approach enables us to provide insights that will significantly enhance the experience for your customers, prospects, and employees.

Our Case Studies

Exceptional Results & Customer Service

Satrix Solutions' clients have experienced quantifiable ROI with our Net Promoter Programs. By routinely garnering above-average response rates, delivering actionable insights, and sharing objective recommendations, our clients have the detail they need to enhance the customer experience and reap the financial benefits. 

98% retention rate

Find out how IHS Markit, now S&P Global increased revenue by 45% by increasing its customer retention rate.

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Audit Your NPS Program
Do you have an existing NPS program that is generating low response rates, minimal insights, or little impact on the business? We can conduct a comprehensive audit and share detailed recommendations. 

Our Survey Process

Trustworthy, Actionable & Impactful

Our market research firm helps ensure your Net Promoter program realizes maximum benefit. We will gather detailed customer expectations, preferences, and satisfaction levels and convert the feedback into improvement recommendations your customers will value.

Quantitative Research Method
Measure & Improve NPS Now
Work with Satrix Solutions and benefit from flawless design and exceptional execution of your Net Promoter program.

Net Promoter Resources

Thought Leadership & Expertise

We offer you an excellent collection of best practices, tips, and guidebooks on CX and EX strategy — all crafted to help your company get ahead in today's competitive market.

NPS Research Study

Use, impact, and preference in B2B organizations.

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NPS eBook

Steps for designing an effective Net Promoter Score® survey.

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NPS Webinar

How to drive greater ROI from NPS® programs.

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Are You Artificially Inflating NPS

10 mistakes made when implementing a Net Promoter® program.

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Driving Retention & Growth With NPS

A fireside chat with one of our most successful partners.

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NPS Program Tips

How to tell if you need to update your Net Promoter® needs an update.

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