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As your organization evolves, you need true visibility into the expectations, needs, and perceptions of your customers.

Improve the Customer Experience

Sustainable company success often hinges on customer experience leaders. This requires more than just software. You need a partner that understands your needs, your challenges, and importantly – your business.

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Explore our Customer Experience Programs

Knowing what levers to pull to increase customer satisfaction and improve customer retention requires a systematic approach backed by trustworthy data - and a human touch.

We are experts in acquiring the true sentiment of your customers and pinpointing specific actions that will drive the greatest return-on-investment for your efforts. This allows you to efficiently use your resources for maximum impact.

Client Testimonials


Partnering with the Satrix team has been a great experience for Beamery! You are an amazing, strategic, and helpful partner. The insights Satrix has delivered have been important to our planning.

Jen Klimas

Director, Delivery Excellence, Beamery

The value-adds that Satrix provided us throughout this process is what really set them apart from others. They identified the key success criteria we needed in advance, and were proactive in driving us to improve our segmentation data and processes to maximize our value from an NPS program.

Peter Draper

Vice President, Customer Success, Shiftboard

I consider Satrix an invaluable partner and have added them as an on-going annual line item in my budget. If you are a GTM leader, Satrix has my unconditional endorsement.

Shep Maher

EVP, Global Sales, Betterworks

We leveraged Satrix to understand how our clients truly felt about our service and highlight any opportunity areas. Satrix not only helped us gather the feedback but provided us with practical guidance on utilizing the rich data to improve and grow.

Joseph Cravotta

Senior Retirement Plan Consultant, HB Retirement