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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customers have a lot to say about their experiences with your products, services, and people. How much of this feedback are you actually receiving? More importantly, is it focused enough to guide improvements across your organization?

As a leading CX expert, we evolve your feedback program to ensure it garners high survey response rates and elicits actionable insights you can rely on.

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Get More Out of Customer Feedback

Isolating trends and identifying recurring themes relevant to your business is impossible without a properly designed customer satisfaction survey. To generate reliable intelligence, you need to ask the right questions, determine the best cadence, ensure an accurate sample size, and apply objectivity to the analysis. This is where the Satrix team excels.

Working together with your team, we manage your customer satisfaction survey process from start to finish. This partnership approach allows you to take advantage of our expertise in survey design and execution, statistical analysis, open-ended coding, and best-practice implementation. More importantly, we help you action our findings to ensure positive customer experiences.

Your Customer Satisfaction Survey Engagement Includes

  • An expertly designed program that follows best practices and avoids common pitfalls

  • Robust reporting and recommendations for continuous improvement

  • Educational materials on the actions employees can take to strengthen relationships

  • Benchmarking and trend analysis to evaluate ongoing performance

Take the First Step

By passing the management of your customer satisfaction survey program on to us, you keep your focus on taking action to better serve your customers and grow your business. Let’s get started. Contact us today.

Still need more convincing? See how our clients are benefiting from our partnership:

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