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Employee Satisfaction Survey

Measure Employee Satisfaction

Without question, employees who feel appreciated and empowered are more likely to deliver customer experiences in accordance with the high standards you expect. Conversely, dissatisfied employees are less productive and contribute to customer frustration. Simply put, happy employees are more committed to the organization’s success.

Whether it’s your managers, back office team, or front-line employees – everyone plays a pivotal role in building an atmosphere of trust, confidence, and loyalty among your customers. So, just how happy are your employees? More importantly, how can you pinpoint any underlying causes of employee dissatisfaction and reduce turnover?

Eliciting meaningful feedback when measuring employee satisfaction is the foundation required for fostering a loyal and motivated workforce. An independent employee satisfaction survey provides a neutral forum for team members to share their feedback, while giving you the intelligence needed to improve job satisfaction, productivity, and loyalty.

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Improve Organizational Performance

Sustainable organizational success requires loyal employees with shared commitments for customer success. Whether it’s aggregating perceptions about career development opportunities or understanding your employees’ relationships with the management team – our employee satisfaction survey reveals the verifiable factors inhibiting or contributing to overall happiness.

We conduct both statistical analysis of the survey scores and assess the verbatim feedback, extracting meaningful trends and providing actionable recommendations aimed at boosting employee morale and customer satisfaction.

Plus, partnering with an independent third party to measure employee satisfaction gives your team the assurance of confidentiality, anonymity, and organizational commitment to listening and reacting to their feedback. Bottom line: when organizational change drives employee success, customers win as well.

Achieve Cultural Alignment

The linkage between employee satisfaction and customer success is proven and strong. When you partner with Satrix Solutions, you gain access to a team of trusted advisors dedicated to helping you tackle key issues hindering employee satisfaction and productivity.

What’s more, we help you inject enthusiasm and energy into your employee feedback efforts to ensure every member of your organization embodies similar passions, works toward shared goals, and becomes inspired to succeed.

To learn more about how our customer satisfaction survey can help you identify areas for improvement and reduce turnover, contact us today.