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B2B Customer Advisory Board services

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Advisory Boards & Product Councils

Establish a Direct Link to the Voice of Your Most Valued Customers

Customer Advisory Boards (CAB) and Product Advisory Councils (PAC) offer unique opportunities for your organization to partner and collaborate with your most valued customers. 

Leverage these powerful programs to solicit candid feedback on a range of important topics, such as the value and ROI your customers' experience, opportunities to improve service & support, your company's vision & roadmap, and competitive differentiators & gaps.

  1. Our Advantages

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    EXCEPTIONAL Service Extensive Experience Launching CABs and PACs Best Practices to Ensure Ongoing Success
    B2B Voice of Customer (VoC) Experts Venture Capital & Private Equity Approved

Customer-Led Growth
Enhance the Customer Experience.

B2B Customer Experience Capabilities

Customer Experience & Employee Engagement Services

In addition to Customer Advisory Boards and Product Councils, we partner with business-to-business companies to establish structured feedback programs at critical touchpoints across the customer and employee journey.

A complete lifecycle approach enables us to provide insights that have significantly enhanced the experience of customers, prospects, and employees.

Our Case Studies

Trusted Partnerships With Proven ROI

Your CAB or PAC is likely to be one of the most visible and important customer programs you launch. To achieve success, your CAB requires thoughtful planning, flawless execution, and ongoing follow-up and communication. Maximize your ROI by partnering with Satrix Solutions to launch or refresh your CAB.    

Customer-Led Product Improvements

Learn how ShotSpotter's CAB and VoC programs identified improvements and helped strengthen relationships with strategic customers.

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Customer-Led Improvement

Parchment's Customer Advisory Board and annual user conference elicit valuable performance input and improvement opportunities.

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Learn From Customers
Enhance the Customer Experience.

Our Panel Process

Customer Advisory Boards & Product Councils

Satrix Solutions will partner with your company to establish goals for the program, create the charter, select the best members, maximize attendance and participation, set a compelling agenda, and develop plans for taking action on the feedback and suggestions from your customers.

We can also serve as your meeting facilitator, fostering an atmosphere where participants can freely and candidly share their insights and opinions.

Whether your vision includes in-person and/or virtual events, we will guide you through every step, including design, planning, execution, and follow-up.

  1. Design

    2 to 3 weeks

    Satrix Solutions will engage in discussions with executives to ascertain operational hot buttons Set the mission and objectives for the Customer Advisory Board (CAB) program Craft the CAB charter, mission statement, key talking points, member agreement, responsibilities, legal disclaimer, confidentiality, etc. Assist in the identification and recruitment of the most appropriate members for the Customer Advisory Board Advise on messaging and communication to maximize appeal and acceptance, with a focus on what’s in it for them Create documents and presentations to educate sales, marketing, product, and customer success teams on the CAB program, timeline, their involvement & role A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document will also be distributed to relevant staff to maximize awareness and support Provide best-practice guidance and recommended language for all communication with prospective members, including invitations, member value proposition, recruitment phone scripts, welcome letters, and program details

  2. Planning

    2 to 4 weeks

    Satrix Solutions will prepare a detailed project plan for each meeting, displaying requirements and due dates for all key steps Design and conduct a survey of Customer Advisory Board (CAB) members to gauge interest on discussion topics and collect input for creation of the meeting agenda Based on objectives set by management, we will provide guidance on agenda creation and the structure of the meetingPrepare executives for each meeting, including speaker coaching, facilitation best practices, setting of ground rules, and preparation for the team in advance of the event Prepare any presentation materials needed for the event and gather background information on all attendees, so the leadership team is well versed on all recent customer interactions Collaborate with customer success, marketing representatives and/or event coordinators to ensure effective planning of the event, including logistics and required materials Guidance on a pre-CAB meeting networking, social events, hotel, resort location options, meeting room set-up, technology requirements, AV support, transportation, CAB member gifts, etc.

  3. Execution & Reporting

    4 to 8 weeks


    Satrix Solutions will attend the Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting to listen to the discussion, take extensive notes, and provide feedback to management on opportunities for improvement in future meetings We can expertly facilitate the meeting to encourage constructive participation of all CAB members, keep the discussion on topic, and solicit feedback that will prove actionable and valuable for executives Lead a post-mortem immediately following the meeting to discuss what went well and opportunities for improvement


    Satrix Solutions will provide meeting minutes, with detailed notes on the discussion, to be distributed to all relevant employees

    We will prepare a thank you letter and a customer-friendly summary for distribution to attendees An executive summary highlighting key messages and takeaways from the meeting Unbiased interpretation of the discussion with potential action items to be considered in the near and longer-term

    A post-event survey will be administered to gather member opinion on the value of the meeting, improvement opportunities, and suggestions for future discussion topics
    Create a KPI scorecard to measure the return-on-investment of the CAB program, looking at data such as CAB members serving as references, increased spend, retention statistics, willingness to engage in Marketing activities, referrals, etc.

    We will help to craft impactful ongoing follow-up communications with CAB members, highlighting how their feedback is being used and striving to keep the conversation alive throughout the year
  4. Follow-up & Consulting


    Satrix Solutions will help with actioning the insights uncovered at each meeting Communicating the actions taken back to Customer Advisory Board (CAB) members Branding of the CAB program Consideration of a dedicated web portal for CAB members Sourcing customer feedback from other Voice of Customer (VoC) programs for the benefit of the CAB
    Retiring CAB members at their term ends Content and approach for intra-CAB virtual sessions
    Fun social events that foster strong networking Optimal timing for each meeting
    CAB member appreciation and recognition Bringing new members and fresh perspectives to the CAB when needed

Advisory Board Resources

Thought Leadership & Expertise

We offer a robust collection of best practices, tips, and guidebooks on CX and EX strategy — all crafted to help get ahead in today's competitive market.

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