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Customer Advisory Board

A direct link to the voice of the customer, a Customer Advisory Board provides a unique opportunity to hear clients candidly discuss a range of topics aimed at enhancing the customer experience. The input shared is sometimes complementary, sometimes constructive, but always illuminating.

Ensure your company will benefit from valuable input shared on your product and service offering, future roadmap, competitive positioning, and market perception by partnering with us.

Customer Advisory Council

Build an Effective Customer Advisory Board

The list of requirements for planning and executing a successful Customer Advisory Board can be daunting. Which customers should be invited? How do you convince potential members it will be worth their time? What topics should you cover? How do you quantify the return-on-investment from your program? And, so much more.

As experts in designing and executing Customer Advisory Boards, we help you define your goals and consult on discussion topics and meeting logistics for maximum impact. More importantly, we ensure your Customer Advisory Board becomes a meaningful source of revenue for your company by keeping it on track, on time, and on point.

Each Customer Advisory Board Engagement Includes

  • Guidance on the recruitment of appropriate customers and messaging to encourage participation

  • Strategies to solicit extensive input on competitive differentiation and market trends

  • Ongoing support including agenda setting, leadership coaching, facilitation, and more

  • Unbiased interpretation of the meeting feedback, focusing on recurring themes and improvement opportunities

  • Assistance on driving critical follow-up to ensure your CAB gets the appropriate attention and stays a priority within the organization

Get Tangible Results from your Customer Advisory Board Program

Customer Advisory Boards are a key ingredient in your overall Voice of the Customer program. But if not properly planned and executed, your Customer Advisory Board can fail to deliver significant value to the organization – ultimately hurting the customer experience.

Contact us today to discuss how we help you build a thriving Customer Advisory Board program.

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