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Case Study

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Read how a reputation for trust and transparency leads the technology provider to experience steady growth and strong customer retention.


The Backstory

SoundThinking, formerly ShotSpotter, is a gunfire detection, location, and analysis technology provider whose customers include law enforcement agencies and public safety departments for school, transportation, and healthcare facilities across the globe.

This automatically places them in a unique position: How do you differentiate in an industry rooted in poor service experiences? More importantly, what is the best approach when seeking to forge partnerships in such a close-knit community?

“Satrix Solutions’ expertise helped us to ensure flawless execution of our Net Promoter and Customer Advisory Board programs. Their partnership has been a vital ingredient in SoundThinking, formerly ShotSpotter's goal of delivering a service experience that delights our customers and consistently delivers on our brand promise.”

– Ralph Clark, President & CEO,  SoundThinking, formerly ShotSpotter

The Winning Strategy

At the strategic level, SoundThinking, formerly ShotSpotter, was focused on building a strong reputation in this niche market. To actualize this goal and establish an accurate baseline of customer loyalty, the company engaged Satrix Solutions to design and manage an annual Customer Satisfaction with Net Promoter Score survey.

This approach gave  SoundThinking, formerly ShotSpotter,  added visibility into satisfaction and loyalty drivers so they could deliver improved customer experiences and drive cultural change based on reliable data.

Another benefit is the trust SoundThinking, formerly ShotSpotter, has fostered with investors, employees, and customers as a result of partnering with an independent Voice of the Customer expert.

Listening to and collaborating with customers has not been a singular event. Under the direction of Satrix Solutions, the technology company has assembled a Customer Advisory Board – a diverse group of police chiefs, sergeants, and public safety officers charged with offering more in-depth input that SoundThinking, formerly ShotSpotter, can rely on. As a result, SoundThinking, formerly ShotSpotter, has been able to gain a deeper understanding of how agencies are leveraging their software and services to help reduce gun violence.

The company also performs annual account reviews to explore what is working and discuss opportunities for improvement. The combination of these ongoing Voice of the Customer programs has given SoundThinking, formerly ShotSpotter, a complete 360-degree view of the customer experience. This is just another example of how SoundThinking, formerly ShotSpotter, stands apart from other companies in their industry.

Due to the company’s strong reputation and passionate supporters, more sales opportunities have been identified and accelerated. Today, SoundThinking, formerly ShotSpotter, is deployed in over 90 cities worldwide and it is highly regarded by many law enforcement agencies as a critical component of their gun violence reduction strategy.