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Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms

For Venture Capital and Private Equity firms, Satrix Solutions serves as a trusted 3rd party to gain a deep understanding of customer sentiment. Investors benefit from the trusted data and insights we deliver, so the partners can be confident that the businesses they invest in have strong customer relationships.

Customers tell a powerful story about the overall health of a company. That’s why assessing satisfaction and loyalty is vital before investing in or acquiring a business.

Solutions for Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms

During the important due diligence phase, we serve as an independent auditor to authenticate a target company’s Net Promoter Score and/or overall satisfaction. This ensures you incorporate data-driven customer retention and expansion data into your valuation models.

Importantly, our extensive analysis and objective reporting provides unparalleled visibility into customer opportunities and risks when evaluating a merger or acquisition.

Venture Capital and Private Equity firms recognize that customer loyalty and retention are important ingredients for maximizing growth. That’s why the firms we partner with also advise their portfolio companies to leverage Satrix Solutions’ expertise on an ongoing basis, to ensure they have their finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

In addition to Due Diligence related services, we offer the following programs to measure and assess customer satisfaction and employee engagement:

“With three-year revenue growth exceeding 4,000%, Satrix Solutions has been a meaningful contributor to Namely’s success since 2015.
It is also important to highlight how all levels of the organization benefit from our engagement with Satrix. They regularly come on-site to present their findings, analyses and recommendations to various audiences – from senior leadership to frontline employees, thereby helping us foster a client-centric culture at Namely.”

Debra Squyres
Chief Client Officer, Namely