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Human Resources

From retaining and attracting employees to delivering exceptional service experiences, company culture plays a significant role in building a high performing organization. To help you stand out and cultivate a strong reputation, you need an experienced partner who will guide your efforts to prioritize the employee experience.

What can we do for you?

Our customized programs tap into the voice of the employee so you can ensure your people are happy, motivated, and engaged.

Employee Engagement Solutions for Human Resources

There’s no denying that companies with highly engaged employees have nearly four times the growth rate compared to organizations with low engagement scores. So what’s the best approach for measuring employee satisfaction to ultimately help the company culture thrive?

As a trusted third-party partner, we help you construct a healthy organization with an engaged, loyal, and productive workforce. Our various Voice of the Employee programs are designed to evaluate everything from workplace satisfaction to retention risks to employee experiences. And, we deliver reports and recommendations that boost employee engagement and improve the customer experience.

Learn about our solutions for Human Resources:

“Satrix’s professionalism, thoroughness, analytical skills and, most of all, their integrity allowed for the organization to provide honest, real feedback.
Our internal eNPS survey allowed the organization to be heard and allow for meaningful and personal feedback towards the effectiveness of our leaders in establishing loyalty with their employees. This approach allowed us to take a mirror to each leader and set the conditions for meaningful conversations and development.”

Michael Yurchuk
VP, Human Resources Field Operations
Schindler Elevator Corporation

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