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Employee Net Promoter Score

Capture the level of employee engagement and loyalty with Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).

eNPS: A Powerful yet Simple Scorecard

From increased productivity to higher retention of top talent to increased customer loyalty, research has proven that strong employee engagement leads to improved business outcomes. To shape a high-performance culture, you’ll want an easy to digest scorecard with an informative metric that the leadership team can rely on to gauge changes in employee sentiment.

In a world of tedious employee surveys, many companies are looking for simpler ways to gather valuable insight into how employees feel about management, your culture, or opportunities for development. That’s one of the benefits of adopting the Employee Net Promoter Score methodology.

A short but impactful survey, Employee Net Promoter Score easily allows you to identify and address any issues negatively impacting employee engagement so you can take the appropriate action to build morale, develop your managers, and instill confidence among your employee base.

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Your Blueprint for Success

Much like Net Promoter Score® for customers, Employee Net Promoter Score is growing in popularity because of its simplicity and clarity. But despite this reputation, most companies are not equipped to construct an unbiased and completely anonymous eNPS program in-house.

Satrix Solutions serves as the needed buffer, while also delivering expert-level analytical and statistical methodologies as part of our process.

We also deliver highly detailed segmentation of your employee feedback data – giving you visibility into which employee groups are most engaged and specific insights into why certain managers are not successfully engendering employee loyalty. This provides the foundation for our customized recommendations your C-level leaders can appreciate when prioritizing employee engagement initiatives.

Commit to Giving Employees a Voice

Loyal and engaged employees are enthusiastic about their work, their company, and they affect other employees and customers. Therefore, you can’t afford to ignore the voice of your workforce.

Whether using Employee Net Promoter Score alone or as part of an overall Voice-of-Employee program, our team of experts will ensure your company experiences benefits that are not only meaningful, but measurable and statistically reliable. Contact us today to learn more.