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Employee Net Promoter Score

From retention of top talent to increased customer loyalty, research has proven that strong employee engagement leads to improved business outcomes.

That’s why more companies are coming to us to help them adopt Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) – it’s an ideal tool for capturing the level of employee engagement as well as encouraging honest and constructive dialogue between your company leaders and the people who support them.

Cultivate a Customer-Focused Culture

Like Net Promoter Score for customers, an Employee Net Promoter Score survey measures a person’s likelihood to recommend your company as a place to work and offers high-level insight into the factors impacting the employee experience.

The Employee Net Promoter Score survey we execute on your behalf will illuminate which factors are contributing to your employees positive or negative feelings. We then provide your leadership team with the data necessary to develop your managers and offer best practice recommendations to ensure you are successfully taking advantage of employee feedback to drive loyalty and shape your culture.

Each Employee Net Promoter Score Engagement Includes

  • Expert-level analysis of anonymized Employee Net Promoter Score data to ensure your company experiences benefits that are not only meaningful, but measurable and statistically reliable

  • Detailed segmentation of employee feedback – giving you visibility into which employee groups are most engaged and specific insights into why certain managers are not successfully engendering employee loyalty

  • Customized recommendations C-level leaders can rely on when prioritizing employee engagement initiatives

  • Ongoing consultations with key stakeholders to ensure your eNPS program continues to drive positive outcomes

Partner with Employee Net Promoter Score Experts

Despite its simplicity, gathering candid and actionable employee feedback by using Employee Net Promoter Score surveys does not always come easily. Satrix Solutions serves as a needed buffer, providing a safe place for employees to openly share feedback.

Let our team of Net Promoter consultants design and implement a program that focuses on increasing employee engagement and developing true employee advocates. Contact us today to learn more.

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