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Employee NPS® Surveys

Insights To Increase Employee Retention & Engagement

From retention of top talent to increased customer loyalty, research has proven that strong employee engagement leads to improved business outcomes.


Employee Net Promoter® Score Programs

Online Surveys to Capture Candid Employee Feedback

Establishing Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is straightforward - simply include the following question in an employee survey: "How likely are you to recommend (your company name) as a place to work?" and apply the eNPS calculation to the survey data set. 

Beyond a simple score, Satrix Solutions designs and administers surveys that seek to understand precisely why employees are satisfied or frustrated and how to improve employee engagement and retention.

As a trusted 3rd-party, we provide employees with a safe place to share anonymous and candid feedback allowing for an unbiased assessment of employee sentiment. Reporting provides robust insights that serve as a blueprint to improve the employee experience.

Our Advantages

Our clients return year after year because we establish trusted partner relationships driven by our ability to rapidly integrate with their team and deliver relevant and actionable recommendations.

We bring vast experience to every engagement and quickly assimilate into the specifics of the business and operations. In addition, our consultants provide clear guidance on operationalizing employee experience programs and identifying the “levers to pull” to improve employee satisfaction. Our ongoing success is reflected in our Net Promoter Score, which has stayed above +85 since the company was founded.

Partnering with a 3rd-party expert gives employees the confidence that their feedback will remain anonymous. Providing staff with a "safe place" to share candid feedback ensures that you receive the most honest and accurate assessment of employee sentiment.

Satrix Solutions will also provide a detailed evaluation of the feedback - without bias - and provide objective findings on why employees are happy with various elements of their work experience or why they may be frustrated and have lower morale.

The team at Satrix Solutions is highly skilled at dissecting and examining survey data to identify key findings and themes without preconceived notions or bias. This ensures the unvarnished truth about employee sentiment, expectations, and perceptions.

In addition, we deliver extensive reporting and dashboards that serve as a roadmap for leadership to act to address employee frustrations and increase loyalty.

Founded In


Satrix Solutions has implemented Employee Net Promoter Score programs for B2B and B2C companies since eNPS was founded.

Our extensive experience enables us to deliver actionable insights that serve as a roadmap for generating more loyal employees who stay longer, engage more, and spread positive word-of-mouth.

Satrix Solutions' clients routinely share the results of their employee feedback programs with the Board of Directors. Our experienced consultants are skilled at distilling large survey datasets into a handful of impactful slides for consumption by investors and other Board members.

In addition, we're fortunate to have the trust of numerous VC and PE firms and serve as a preferred partner to their portfolio companies. 

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Work with Satrix Solutions and benefit from flawless design and exceptional execution of an Employee Net Promoter (eNPS) program.
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Employee Engagement Capabilities

Employee Engagement & Customer Experience Services

In addition to Employee Net Promoter Surveys, Satrix Solutions partners with companies to establish structured feedback programs at critical touchpoints across the customer and employee journey. A complete lifecycle approach enables us to provide insights that will significantly enhance the experience for customers, prospects, and employees.



Our Case Studies

Exceptional Results & Customer Service

Satrix Solutions' clients have experienced quantifiable ROI with our Employee Net Promoter Programs. By fostering company-wide participation, delivering actionable insights, and sharing objective recommendations, our clients have the roadmap needed to strengthen employee engagement, reduce attrition, and improve the company's reputation as a great place to work. 

96% "A Player" Retention

Discover how Satrix Solutions' eNPS program helped Schindler keep their best employees.

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Using Employee Feedback to Retain Customers

Find out how Parchment took employee feedback and used it to improve customer loyalty.

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98% retention rate

Find out how IHS Markit, now S&P Global increased revenue by 45% by increasing its customer retention rate.

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Audit An Existing eNPS Program
Have an existing eNPS program generating low response rates, minimal insights, or little impact on the business? We can conduct a comprehensive audit and share detailed recommendations. 
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Our Survey Process

Proven, Reliable, & Actionable

Our market research firm helps ensure Employee Net Promoter programs realize maximum benefit. We gather detailed employee expectations, preferences, and satisfaction levels, and convert the feedback into improvement recommendations that executives can trust.

By developing a systematic approach to capturing and responding to employee needs, our clients experience measurable improvements in employee satisfaction, retention, and company reputation.

Our white-glove engagements are end-to-end and include assigning a team of experts to achieve the company's goals and objectives.

Survey Timeline


Interview key internal stakeholders to document objectives, discuss expectations, and solicit input from company leaders to inform the survey design process
Review relevant VoE data, org structure, and employee feedback
Establish timing, including upcoming company strategy sessions or offsites, Board meetings, employee events, and more


Summary of executive interviews
Detailed project plan

Client Involvement

Core team availability for kick-off and regular huddles
Schedule interviews with relevant executives


1 to 2 weeks


Identify perceived satisfaction and loyalty drivers
Align objectives and goals
Design the survey questionnaire to elicit insightful and actionable feedback
Determine survey timing
Draft compelling survey communications with a strong call-to-action
Emphasize anonymity to encourage candor


Employee survey questionnaire
Point of view documents
Closed-loop recommendations
Educational materials for staff

Client Involvement

Compile employee contact list with associated metadata
Socialize with internal teams, solicit feedback, and encourage desired actions


2 to 4 weeks


Program the questionnaire into the survey software
Optimize survey invitations and reminders
Test & quality check
Apply response rates maximization strategies
Monitor early responses


Regular reporting during the survey window
Real-time alerting of concerning responses

Client Involvement

Engage in closed-loop follow-up with relevant contacts
Leverage front-line staff to encourage employees to complete the survey


3 to 4 weeks


Develop detailed reporting and dashboards to share with leadership and HR staff
Prepare analysis of cohorts and key employee segments
Analyze qualitative and quantitative feedback; identify findings and themes
Deliver in-depth analysis with compelling visualizations and objective recommendations


Satrix Solutions Survey Analysis
A complete (anonymized) survey response data sheet, with appropriate redactions
Codebook of themes from unstructured/qualitative feedback
Team presentations with findings and anonymized quotes
Abbreviated reporting for Board

Client Involvement

Executive readout
Strategic review with root cause discussion
Internal 'town-hall' type reviews
Follow-up communication by leaders and managers
Improvement action planning


2 to 4 weeks


Weekly huddles to discuss best practices, advice for greater adoption and impact, EX culture-building efforts, and continuous maturity of the EX Program



Reporting and Analysis

Goal Oriented & KPI Driven

The return on investment of an Employee Net Promoter System survey program highly correlates with the depth and quality of the reporting. At Satrix Solutions, we are experts at converting quantitative and qualitative employee feedback into compelling visualizations, objective findings, and recommendations that encourage action.

Rather than providing generic dashboards, the reporting and analytics we deliver are customized to meet the program's specific needs. Our decades of experience, extensive best practice knowledge, and deep understanding of the business help inform our approach, making the reports relevant, compelling, and comprehensive. In addition to summary analytics and findings, our detailed survey analyses drill down into results by Manager, Division, employee tenure, survey period, and other key employee demographics.

We apply a "human-centered" approach to analyzing both the quantitative and qualitative feedback from surveys, applying statistical methods as needed to pinpoint the key drivers of employee loyalty and dissatisfaction. Our team of experts will also conduct an in-depth analysis of the unstructured or verbatim feedback acquired through responses to open-ended questions. We read and code each comment to identify important themes, which enables us to capture the true meaning behind an employee’s responses and correlate the qualitative input with the quantitative scoring to paint a complete picture of employee sentiment.

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Our Testimonials

Exceptional Results & Customer Service

Read how our clients feel about Satrix Solutions and our success in helping them realize the financial benefits of creating a differentiated service experience.

Our internal eNPS survey allowed the organization to be heard and allow for meaningful and personal feedback towards the effectiveness of our leaders in establishing loyalty with their employees.

This approach allowed us to take a mirror to each leader and set the conditions for meaningful conversations and development.

Satrix’s professionalism, thoroughness, analytical skills and, most of all, their integrity allowed for the organization to provide honest, real feedback.


Satrix Solutions has sharpened Parchment’s ability to absorb, respond, and react to employee sentiment.

In transitioning our employee feedback survey from an in-house activity, we have experienced tangible improvements, especially in the area of analytics and reporting.

We also appreciate how Satrix Solutions keeps the conversation authentic by serving as the go-between between employees and management. This gives us greater confidence when making decisions that affect employee engagement and client satisfaction.


NPS is one of the most important metrics we track.

Thanks to Satrix Solutions’ guidance and recommendations, our survey response rates jumped from the low 20s to the high 70s and our Net Promoter Score increased from +11 percent to +43 percent.

Measure & Improve eNPS Now
Work with Satrix Solutions and benefit from flawless design and exceptional execution of an Employee Net Promoter (eNPS) program.
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What Is An Employee Net Promoter Program

Actionable Employee Feedback

A short but impactful survey, Employee Net Promoter Score identifies and address any issues negatively impacting employee satisfaction and loyalty. Business leader and HR professionals are provided with the needed to build employee morale, develop managers, and instill confidence among the employee base. 

Using an approach similar to Net Promoter Score for customers, the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) Survey measures an employee's likelihood to recommend the company as a place to work and uncovers insights into the factors impacting the employee experience. Importantly, it’s an ideal tool for capturing the level of employee loyalty and encouraging honest and constructive dialogue between company leaders and their teams.

Both an employee loyalty metric and organizational discipline, Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a widely used employee satisfaction measurement tool to monitor employees' enthusiasm about the workplace.

Employee Net Promoter Score helps quickly pinpoint and eliminate organizational trouble spots and enhance the employee experience. By continuously identifying and addressing employee frustrations, executives strengthen the company's reputation as a great place to work, thereby reducing attrition and attracting talent.

Additionally, research has shown that happy and engaged employees deliver a better customer experience, which results in more profitable customer engagements.

The eNPS Question

How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague?

The Employee Net Promoter Score calculation is based on employee responses to a single question: "How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague?"

On a scale from zero to 10, employees who score a 9 or 10 are considered loyal enthusiasts or "Promoters" whereas those who score between 0 and 6 are considered "Detractors" and are more likely to leave and share negative word-of-mouth. Those who score a 7 or 8 are considered "Passives." The Net Promoter Score calculation is simply the percentage of Promoters minus the percentage of Detractors.

Why Employee Net Promoter is Important

Cultivate Loyal Employees

By systematically assessing employee sentiment, business leaders and HR professionals are able to pinpoint the source of employee frustrations and discontent. The data and insights gleaned are used to develop Managers, improve employee onboarding, enhance company culture, and strengthen employee communication. 

Every employee also plays an important role in establishing a differentiated customer experience. Loyal and engaged employees tend to be more productive and exhibit higher levels of commitment to delivering a better experience for customers.

Employee Net Promoter Resources

Thought Leadership & Expertise

We offer an excellent collection of best practices, tips, and guidebooks on CX and EX strategy — all crafted to help companies get ahead in today's competitive market.

Adopt an eNPS Program

How To Adopt An eNPS Program

Lessons Learned from Schindler Elevator Corporation’s eNPS Program.

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How To Improve An eNPS Program

Here are a few ways to improve eNPS.

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eNPS To Increase Customer Loyalty

eNPS To Increase Customer Loyalty

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Measure & Improve eNPS Now
Work with Satrix Solutions and benefit from flawless design and exceptional execution of an Employee Net Promoter program.
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