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What Is A Sales Win-Loss Analysis?

What Is A B2B Sales Win-Loss Analysis?

A B2B Sales Win-Loss Analysis is research best conducted by a third-party expert so prospective buyers can share candid feedback on the real reasons they selected a company after evaluation. Detailed insights are collected using in-depth interviews (IDIs) and/or online surveys of key decision-makers after a decision is made. Win-Loss interviews and surveys are an effective method of obtaining robust competitive intelligence and gaining a deeper understanding of how potential customers perceive offerings.

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Sales Win-Loss Analysis Deliverables


In-depth phone interviews (IDIs) with decision-makers, conducted by skilled practitioners
Detailed interview analysis with an executive summary and specific recommendations
Comprehensive, board quality reports focusing on recurring themes, decision drivers & competitive intelligence
Insights on the changing competitive landscape for leverage to win more deals

Sales Win-Loss Question Examples

  1. What was the impetus to evaluate [Company] and others?
  2. How did you learn about [Company] in the first place?
  3. Please describe your overall evaluation process?
  4. Did you conduct an RFP? If so, how was [Company's] response?
  5. What were some of your key requirements?
  6. Did you use a weighting or scoring system to cull the list of contenders?
  7. Did [Company] have any missteps or opportunities for improvement?
  8. What opinions did your team have toward the features and functionality of their service/solution?
  9. Who else was involved in the evaluation and decision-making process?
  10. What other companies were considered?
  11. How did the features and functionality compare?
  12. How did pricing compare?
  13. What were the primary differentiators?
  14. What led you to select [Company] or a competitor?
  15. Did you speak with references as part of your evaluation?
  16. How would you characterize the market's perception of [Company]?

Win-Loss Analysis Template

Tips for establishing a Sales Win-Loss Program criteria and questions.

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Know The Why

Why Sales Win-Loss Is Important

Insights from a Sales Win-Loss Analysis help clarify the real reasons a sales opportunity is won or lost and assess how prospects perceive your messaging and positioning. These insights enable business leaders to fine-tune preparation for sales meetings, improve the effectiveness of the sales process, and clarify how your company's value proposition resonates with your target market. The feedback will also help isolate the components of differentiation and buyer considerations that resonate most with your ideal customers.