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CX Hall Of Famer Shares His Secrets

CX Hall Of Famer Shares His Secrets


Delve into the captivating world of customer experience (CX) through the eyes of Jim Iyoob, the Chief Customer Officer at Etech Global Services and a distinguished CX Hall of Fame member. His journey, beginning as a humble call center agent in the 90s and culminating in an illustrious career that reshaped the customer experience landscape, is a testament to the power of perseverance and innovation.

What advice do you have for someone's first 100 days as head of CX?

Jim emphasizes listening to anyone stepping into a CX leadership role. He advises that understanding the current situation is critical before implementing changes. Developing a compelling vision that aligns with the organization’s mission and focusing on smart, attainable goals are also key. Jim believes in celebrating small wins, especially in the early stages of leadership.

What does your CS strategy focus on currently and in the future?

Jim's strategy centers around the concept of 'effortless customer experience.' This involves making interactions as seamless as possible for customers. As for the future, Jim sees AI not as a job replacement tool but as an empowerment tool, enhancing the capabilities of human teams to serve customers more effectively.

How Do You Measure Success With CX?

In Jim’s view, success in CX should always be data-driven. At Etech, success is measured by key metrics that align with the company's vision and core values. Continuous optimization of systems and processes is vital, debunking the 'set it and forget it' mindset.

What pain points do you have leading a CX team?

As Jim identified, one of the main challenges in leading CX is ensuring data accessibility across organizational levels. Another hurdle is overcoming skepticism, especially when introducing new systems or insights based on data. Gaining C-suite buy-in is crucial, which Jim finds is facilitated by aligning projects with the company's core values and mission.

How do you establish partnerships and gain buy-in with the C-suite?

In his role at Etech Global Services, Jim Iyoob excels in establishing partnerships and securing C-suite buy-in for customer experience (CX) initiatives by aligning them with the company’s core values and ensuring data accessibility across all organizational levels. Recognizing the challenge of skepticism, especially against data-driven changes, Jim focuses on educating stakeholders about the value of these insights, emphasizing gradual improvement over immediate perfection. He advocates for transparent communication, ensuring that insights derived from comprehensive data analyses are shared and supported across different departments. This approach not only garners the necessary support from top-level executives but also fosters a cohesive movement within the organization toward enhancing customer experiences.

Do you have an example of utilizing customer feedback to improve your company?

Etech leverages AI to analyze customer interactions, enabling the company to fine-tune its strategies and services based on honest customer feedback and needs.

What is the future of CX?

Jim staunchly believes that the future of CX is bright with AI, but human intelligence remains irreplaceable. AI and machine learning will augment human capabilities rather than replace them.

About Jim Iyoob

Jim Iyoob headshotJim is an avid cook outside his professional realm, specializing in sushi and masterful culinary creations. His passion extends beyond cooking to helping others, particularly in their professional growth. This is evident from his active involvement in sharing knowledge through articles and insights on LinkedIn.

To stay connected with Jim’s insights and the world of CX, one can follow his LinkedIn profile and explore Etech's website and podcasts. Jim’s journey from a call center agent to a CX expert is inspiring and educational for those aspiring to make a mark in the customer experience domain.

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