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The Heart and Science CX Framework

In a recent interview with Stacy Sherman, the founder and CEO of Doing CX Right, we delved into her journey, insights, and strategies as a prominent figure in CX leadership. Her heart and science approach to CX leadership is a testament to the evolving nature of customer-centric business strategies, emphasizing the importance of emotional connections and data-driven decisions in creating exceptional customer experiences.

What Advice Do You Have For Someone's First 100 Days As Head Of CX?

Stacy emphasizes the importance of immersing oneself in understanding the customer journey within the company. She stresses the significance of walking in the customers' shoes, interacting with various departments, and spending time understanding how they engage with the customers.

What Does Your CX Strategy Focus On Currently And In The Future?

Stacy’s heart and science framework focuses on blending emotional elements with data-driven insights to create and validate a customer experience. She emphasizes the iterative nature of this process, continually refining strategies based on real-time data and customer feedback.

How Do You Measure Success With CX?

Success in CX, according to Stacy, isn’t solely about dollars and cents. It encompasses building relationships, customer retention, referrals, and a company culture focused on empathy and customer-centricity. However, the scientific aspects involve metrics, data analysis, and breaking silos to streamline information flow.

What Pain Points Do You Have Leading A CX Team?

Stacy highlights the importance of starting small and implementing pilot programs to demonstrate the value of proposed CX changes to gain support from the C-Suite.

How Do You Establish Partnerships And Gain Buy-In With The C-Suite?

To gain buy-in from the C-suite, Jonathan recommends speaking their language. Tailor your message to resonate with their priorities. This might involve translating your CX initiatives into financial terms or showcasing how they can positively impact revenue, finance, or product development. Open, honest, and transparent communication is critical to building trust with the C-suite.

Do You Have An Example Of Utilizing Customer Feedback To Improve Your Company?

Stacy shared a compelling example from her tenure at Verizon, where customer feedback revealed a flaw in the buy-online-pick-up-in-store process. The feedback led to a simple yet effective solution – creating a separate line for these customers, thereby enhancing their experience.

What Is The Future Of CX?

Stacy envisions the future of CX as companies that deliberately invest in and prioritize CX practices while utilizing technology to enhance, rather than replace, customer experiences. She encourages individuals to pursue their passions, just as she did with CX, as it often leads to fulfilling and rewarding journeys.

About Stacy Sherman


Stacy Sherman is a seasoned professional with a 25-year corporate background in marketing, sales, and customer experience roles across various B2B and B2C companies. Transitioning from the corporate world to becoming an influential CX speaker, advisor, and author, she established her platform, Doing CX Right. Her passion for CX is evident in her heart and science framework, which integrates emotions and data to drive exceptional customer experiences.

Stacy’s journey is marked by diverse corporate experiences, culminating in her transition to a CX thought leader. Her background in marketing, sales, and hands-on CX roles equipped her with a deep understanding of the customer journey.

For those seeking further insights into CX and its leadership, Stacy’s platform, Doing CX Right, offers a wealth of free resources, a newsletter, a podcast, and articles on Forbes. She’s actively engaged on various social media channels, primarily LinkedIn, where she shares her knowledge and experiences.

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