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What To Do The First 100 Days As A CX Leader

What to do the first 100 days as a cx leader

During our first season of CX Chats, we conducted in-depth interviews with 15 leading industry experts to hear their advice for someone in their first 100 days as a CX leader. Here are the enlightening perspectives they shared.

Kristi Faltorusso - CCO - ClientSuccess

Kristi's advice is to come in, listen, and learn. Avoid the temptation to make immediate changes. Focus on understanding the business, customers, and products. Find low-hanging fruit for quick wins, build trust, and implement more strategic changes gradually.

Watch Kristi's entire interview.

Kristi Faltorusso

Andrew Carothers - Digital CX Leader - Cisco

Andrew emphasizes the importance of focusing on data and customer understanding during the initial phase. For CX leaders entering an existing organization, identifying all data sources and bringing them into a cohesive data lake is crucial. Understanding customer personas through direct interactions with frontline staff and creating customer advisory boards helps CX leaders gain valuable insights into customer needs and pain points. CX executives can set the stage for successful CX initiatives by building a data-driven and customer-centric foundation.

Watch Andrew's entire interview.

Andrew Carothers
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Jonathan Shroyer - Chief CX Officer - Arise

Jonathan emphasized the importance of listening when asked about his advice for someone stepping into a CX leadership role. During the initial 100 days, he recommends going on a listening tour within the organization to understand the existing processes, pain points, and potential solutions. By gaining insights from employees and customers, you can develop a strategy that involves a co-creative approach between leadership and the team. A successful CX leader, in Jonathan's view, takes the time to understand the data and information necessary to drive the company toward its goals.

Watch Jonathan's entire interview.

Jonathan Shroyer

Simona Barcău - VP of Customer Success - Cority

Simona highlights the importance of setting a strong foundation during the initial 100 days. She emphasizes the significance of understanding the customer journey, mapping interactions, and identifying gaps. Simona's insightful advice revolves around rallying teams, learning from customers, and creating a seamless experience that resonates with both clients and employees.

Watch Simona's entire interview.

Simona Barcău

Lee Roquet - CEO - Finch

As the CEO of Finch, Roquet outlines the current 90-day focus, centered around launching a new product, defining moments that matter, aligning them with marketing, and standardizing processes. Looking ahead, his vision is to start 2024 with a new product, a refined process, and a company that is scalable, repeatable, and predictable.

Watch Lee's entire interview.

Lee Roquet

Courtney Smith - Director of CS - Tyler Technologies

Transitioning into a leadership role in customer success comes with unique challenges. Courtney emphasizes the importance of understanding customer needs and building relationships with peers across the organization. She advises newcomers in similar positions to prioritize customer understanding and establish cross-functional partnerships early on.

Watch Courtney's entire interview.

Courtney Smith

Lee Kemp - VP of CX - Veritiv

For those stepping into a CX leadership role, the first 100 days can be both exhilarating and challenging. Lee emphasizes the importance of active listening during this critical period. "Ask the right questions, challenge the business, and ask how decisions affect the customer," he advises. By gathering insights, understanding existing metrics, and identifying gaps, CX leaders can lay a strong foundation for future success.

Lee shares his experience of spending the initial phase at Veritiv engaged in a "listening tour." By immersing himself in understanding the organization's nuances, he could devise a tailored strategy that aligned with the company's goals.

Watch Lee's entire interview.

Lee Kemp

Karyn Furstman - Principle - Customers Furst

Transitioning into a CX leadership role can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. Karyn offers invaluable advice for those embarking on this journey, emphasizing the importance of building a clear vision and charter for your CX team. Understanding the organization's current CX efforts and identifying gaps is key to effective strategy development. Karyn highlights the significance of listening to customer feedback and pain points, which serves as a foundation for shaping your approach. These first 100 days lay the groundwork for a successful CX journey.

Watch Karyn's entire interview.

Karyn Furstman

Joel Sylvester - CCO - Five Star Call Centers

For anyone stepping into the role of head of CX, Joel's advice is clear and actionable. He emphasizes the importance of defining your organization's desired customer experience and identifying the pillars that support it. Start by outlining what you want your CX to look like and create "always" and "never" lists to guide your efforts. Streamlining processes and workforce management while focusing on speed, quality, and expense are critical aspects of early success.

Watch Joel's entire interview.

Joel Sylvester

Jason Farrell - CCO - Amplifi Labs

Jason emphasizes the importance of understanding the company's goals and values as a CX or CS leader during the initial phase. He advises showing respect and seeking input from team members who have been with the organization longer. Collaboration and active listening are vital to building a solid foundation for success. Remember, the journey to becoming a CX or CS leader is a learning process, so stay open to growth and continuous improvement.

Watch Jason's entire interview.

Jason Farrell

Stacy Sherman - Founder & CEO - Doing CX Right

Stacy emphasizes the importance of immersing oneself in understanding the customer journey within the company. She stresses the significance of walking in the customers' shoes, interacting with various departments, and spending time understanding how they engage with the customers.

Watch Stacy's entire interview.

Stacy Sherman

Laurie Barlev - Founder - Barlev Success

Laurie emphasizes the importance of understanding the company, team, stakeholders, and clients in the initial phase. Learning the technology, aligning role expectations, and identifying a feasible yet impactful problem to solve within the company are crucial aspects in the first 100 days.

Watch Laurie's entire interview.

Laurie Barlev

Damien Howley - CCO - Nimbello

Damien emphasizes the importance of getting in front of customers as much as possible during the first 100 days. Understanding their businesses, needs, and objectives is crucial for representing customers within the company. Being a spokesperson for customers, especially major clients, requires a deep understanding of their requirements. Additionally, establishing partnerships across various departments, including product, finance, legal, and sales, helps build a strong foundation for success.

Watch Damien's entire interview.

Damien Howley

Gina Patel - VP of CS - Sensor Tower

The first 100 days in any leadership role are critical. Upon assuming my role as VP, I focused on understanding the existing challenges and opportunities. Listening and observing were key during this initial period. Identifying gaps in people management and accountability, I took the time to assess before implementing organizational changes. Patience, observation, and strategic planning set the tone for a successful start.

Watch Gina's entire interview.

Gina Patel

Michelle Spaul - CX Consultant - Delta Swan

When asked about advice for someone's first 100 days as a head of CX, Michelle emphasizes the significance of balancing the desire to make a lasting impression with the need to foster strong relationships with colleagues and teams. She recommends two priorities: understanding stakeholders' goals and perspectives and comprehending the existing customer experience landscape. By taking the time to listen, collaborate, and identify gaps, new CX leaders can build a solid foundation for impactful CX initiatives.

Watch Michelle's entire interview.

Michelle Spaul