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What is the Future of Customer Experience

What is the Future of Customer Experience

During our first season of CX Chats, we conducted in-depth interviews with 16 leading industry experts to explore their insights on the future of customer experience. Here are the enlightening perspectives they shared.

Kristi Faltorusso - CCO - ClientSuccess

As we discussed the future of CX, Kristi introduced the concept of "sustainable success." She stressed the need for businesses to adapt to changing economic conditions and build more sustainable models, moving away from bloated structures. She also mentioned the integration of AI into CX processes, predicting that AI will disrupt the way work is done and contribute to sustainable success.

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Kristi Faltorusso

Andrew Carothers - Digital CX Leader - Cisco

Andrew likened the current state of CX to a teenage phase, where the discipline is growing and trying to find its place in organizations. He predicts that in the next 5 to 10 years, CX will fully mature into its own distinct function, reporting primarily to the C-level. With an increasing focus on customer experience, Andrew envisions CX to be a separate discipline from customer success, emphasizing a holistic approach encompassing the entire customer journey. Furthermore, he expects CX to become even more prevalent in the business landscape, leading to specialized degree programs and more books focused on CX.

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Andrew Carothers
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Jonathan Shroyer - Chief CX Officer - Arise

According to Jonathan, the future of CX involves a shift from being CX leaders to becoming CX visionaries and architects. With the help of AI and large language models, CX agents can transition into architects, focusing on designing exceptional experiences. AI can handle routine responses, allowing agents to customize and architect experiences for individual customers. This transition is expected to drive even greater customer loyalty and innovation.

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Jonathan Shroyer

Simona Barcău - VP of Customer Success - Cority

Looking ahead, Simona envisions a future for Customer Success characterized by constant evolution. As technology advances and customer expectations shift, Customer Success professionals will need to remain adaptable and vigilant in capturing customer sentiment. Simona predicts a stronger emphasis on real-time insights and a deeper understanding of customer journeys, culminating in more personalized and impactful interactions.

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Simona Barcău

Lee Roquet - CEO - Finch

Roquet begins by contemplating the future of CX in the context of the technological advancements we're currently witnessing. With the rise of open AI and powerful language models like GPTs, he envisions significant changes in service offerings within the next 12 months. AI, according to Roquet, is finally delivering on the promises made over the past decade. He anticipates a shift where e-commerce brands can independently manage customer experiences by leveraging AI to access data conversationally.

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Lee Roquet

Courtney Smith - Director of CS - Tyler Technologies

Looking ahead, Courtney identifies two exciting trends in customer success. Firstly, integrating Customer Success Management with revenue goals is gaining prominence. Secondly, the increasing role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enhancing customer experiences is an area of keen interest. The industry is exploring ways to monetize CS and leverage AI tools for improved data analytics and customer support.

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Courtney Smith

Lee Kemp - VP of CX - Veritiv

While many discussions revolve around the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies in CX, Lee envisions a shift back to the basics. Amid the rapid technological advancements, Lee emphasizes the importance of focusing on fundamental principles—listening and acting on customer needs. He believes that effective CX doesn't have to be overly complex; rather, it involves influencing and leading the organization through challenges.

Lee encourages a balanced approach, suggesting that AI can enhance customer experiences, but the core solutions will remain predominantly human. To achieve impactful CX, businesses should remember the timeless values of honesty, consistency, and empathy in their interactions.

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Lee Kemp

Karyn Furstman - Principle - Customers Furst

As a forward-thinking CX expert, Karyn shares her insights into the future of customer experience. She emphasizes the growing importance of aligning CX with employee engagement and the need for ongoing innovation in CX strategies. Karyn predicts an increasing focus on creating seamless, omnichannel experiences that cater to evolving customer preferences. Ultimately, Karyn envisions a future where CX is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of an organization, leading to lasting success.

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Karyn Furstman

Joel Sylvester - CCO - Five Star Call Centers

In Joel's vision of the future of CX, the integration of AI, automation, and natural language processing holds great promise. These technological advancements can streamline processes, enhance customer interactions, and create seamless experiences. As CX continues to evolve, Joel emphasizes the importance of adaptability and staying attuned to customer preferences.

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Joel Sylvester

Jason Farrell - CCO - Amplifi Labs

Jason believes that AI and machine learning tools will continue to play a significant role in CX and CS, but they should be seen as supportive tools rather than replacements for human interaction. Personalized, high-touch experiences will always be valued, and leveraging technology smartly will enhance customer journeys rather than detract from them.

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Jason Farrell

Stacy Sherman - Founder & CEO - Doing CX Right

Stacy envisions the future of CX as companies that deliberately invest in and prioritize CX practices while utilizing technology to enhance, rather than replace, customer experiences. She encourages individuals to pursue their passions, just as she did with CX, as it often leads to fulfilling and rewarding journeys.

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Stacy Sherman

Tom DeWitt - Director of CXM@MSU

The future of CX is a journey of integration, collaboration, and transformation. It's a future where the lines between marketing and operations blur, and the focus shifts to providing solutions and creating exceptional customer and employee experiences. As organizations navigate this crossroads, those that embrace change will undoubtedly thrive in the evolving landscape of CX.

Demonstrating Viability And Aligning Goals

Many CX departments face challenges, some even collapsing due to the inability to showcase their value at the C-Suite level. The crucial task is to align CX goals with broader business objectives, ensuring a seamless integration.

The Power Of Consumer Influence

DeWitt underscores the power of consumers, who are now shaping how organizations evolve. Customers rely heavily on online reviews and information to inform their purchasing decisions. In an era where customer opinions matter more than ever, organizations must respond and adapt accordingly.

Reimagining Marketing And Operations

The heart of DeWitt's vision for the future of CX lies in reimagining marketing. He defines marketing not as promoting solutions but as providing them. This shift in mindset challenges the traditional boundaries between marketing and operations. DeWitt argues that these two functions must work hand in hand to deliver exceptional experiences.

The Service Marketing Triangle

To illustrate his point, DeWitt references the Service Marketing Triangle, a concept encompassing what organizations communicate externally and internally. He emphasizes that interactive marketing, or the actual customer experience, is central to this triangle. It's the holistic approach to the customer journey that will drive success.

The Merging Of Marketing And Operations

DeWitt envisions a future where marketing and operations merge seamlessly to become "the experience." This transformation transcends just customer experience; it encompasses employee experience as well. He acknowledges that employees' attitudes towards their roles are heavily influenced by their work environments.

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Tom DeWitt

Laurie Barlev - Founder - Barlev Success

She predicts a continued emphasis on customer retention and growth and foresees a growing reliance on automation to manage and engage with a larger customer base, especially in the SMB market.

Watch Laurie's entire interview.

Laurie Barlev

Damien Howley - CCO - Nimbello

According to Damien, the future of CX and CS will see more roles specializing in specific customer segments. As the industry evolves, different customer segments will require unique approaches, infrastructure, and customer success managers. Moreover, CX and CS are expected to play a more significant role in revenue ownership and growth strategies. Integrating AI and automation will help scale customer success while maintaining personalized experiences.

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Damien Howley

Gina Patel - VP of CS - Sensor Tower

As we navigate an uncertain economic landscape, the future of customer success lies in a heightened focus on retention. CS teams are gaining more recognition for their role in ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. The subscription-based model underscores the importance of maintaining positive customer experiences for business sustainability.

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Gina Patel

Michelle Spaul - CX Consultant - Delta Swan

Looking ahead, Michelle envisions the future of CX focusing on getting the fundamentals right. This includes ensuring effective communication, collaboration, and a deep understanding of customer needs. Furthermore, she highlights the potential of advanced data analysis and technology to revolutionize CX, allowing organizations to delve into customer insights and streamline processes for enhanced customer understanding.

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Michelle Spaul