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Customer Success Industry on the Rise

Pulse Conference Shows More Companies Are Focusing on Customer Success 

What do you get when you bring together 900 B2B customer success enthusiasts in San Francisco? The 2nd Annual Pulse Conference, also known as #PulseConf2014!

This is one of my favorite conferences simply because of the massive amount of professionals gathered in one location to talk about a topic we at Satrix Solutions are passionate about: customer success.

In addition to my consulting firm sponsoring the event, I had the pleasure of participating in the session titled, How to Conduct a Successful Survey Campaign. On stage I was Evan on stage - Pulse 2014 Conferencejoined by Tracy Kaufman from Booker and Nick Einstein from Social Chorus. Both Tracy and Nick did an excellent job of sharing lessons learned after years of designing survey instruments and maximizing response rates. I covered the steps to take after you’ve gathered rich feedback from customers.

Some key takeaways from my presentation include:

  • For maximum impact, customer feedback must be regularly be shared across the company.
  • Insights derived from customer and employee feedback should inform critical decisions within every department of your organization.
  • Following up with survey participants, non-responders, and employees is critically important for strengthening relationships and establishing a customer-centric culture.
  • Showcasing your company’s commitment to customer success can help serve as a differentiator and key selling point.

Ultimately your feedback programs should drive positive business outcomes, such as retention, referrals, sales close rates and expansion of existing accounts. If the program isn’t designed well and successfully executed, your company won’t realize the full ROI potential.

Stay tuned as the complete video of my presentation will be available soon.

As both a speaker and sponsor, my team and I had the opportunity to meet individuals from larger companies like Oracle, Yelp, and Box, as well as many small and mid-size businesses, such as Kareo, ThousandEyes, Pentaho, Chronus, and Rocket Lawyer.

Satrix Solutions Prize Wheel

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth. Attendees were given the chance to spin our prize wheel and took home items such as Starbucks and Amazon gift cards and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3’s. Some lucky people even walked away with my highly coveted autographed business card! It’s safe to say that everyone was a winner.

Last week’s event showed us that the customer success industry is exploding and we are excited to be in a position to support companies on their journey to customer service excellence.

Whether you’re looking to partner with a firm to manage your customer feedback programs or are simply seeking an experienced consultant to guide you in the right direction, Satrix Solutions will position you to achieve significant success. To continue the conversation, contact me today.