Transforming our Analytics and Reporting

Those who know me understand that I’ve always had a passion for data, both quantitative and qualitative. This has grown into an interest in discovering new ways to draw out reliable and actionable insights to better help our clients succeed in their customer and employee experience initiatives. With Satrix Solutions’ strong growth and professional guidance over the last few years, I’ve been given the opportunity to push that passion forward.

Last month, I was promoted from Senior Client Advocate to Manager of Analytics and Reporting for Satrix Solutions. Although I loved my previous role, I’m looking forward to focusing on our research, analysis, and reporting processes as well as developing new strategies to help our clients put their survey results to work.

What types of things are we talking about? Already, we’ve implemented improved backend processes to help facilitate the speedy processing of data while preserving flawless data integrity. Additionally, we’ve recently added text analytics capabilities to help better analyze and interpret open-ended feedback. Key to our use of text analytics is a combination of software-driven and human-driven coding. This combination allows us to not only quickly comprehend the key salient points that your customers and employees are communicating in their own words, but also to get a fine-grained understanding of the meaning behind those points. As we all know, computers are excellent at quickly digesting large amounts of raw data, but oftentimes lack the ability to correctly tease out and categorize ideas that a human would have no trouble understanding. Our combined approach enables us to get the best of both worlds.

Through our many conversations with clients and their feedback to our own client survey, we’ve discovered a desire to continue pushing our reporting and analytics capabilities further. To fulfill that need, we’ve already begun offering more robust statistical and key driver analyses, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) scorecards, enhanced investigation of non-responders, and additional detail on email delivery rates and bounces. Many of you have already seen the fruits of these efforts, which will lead to greater understanding of your customers’ and employees’ sentiment, frustrations, desires, and opinions.

Indispensable to our analytics capabilities is our constant consideration of best-in-industry techniques, such as Shapley Value regression and various non-linear modeling techniques to get at the causes of dissatisfaction and to prioritize points of improvement. We’re also exploring building models to predict which of the members of your base are likely to defect based on their characteristics and behaviors – built specifically for your business.

At the same time that we’re pushing our backend analytics and data processing forward, we’re simplifying our reporting to make sure important findings are emphasized and clearly presented. The less time you spend on understanding the results of our analyses, the more time you have to address concerns, ultimately leading to reduced churn and increased revenue.

Ultimately, all the improvements we’ve already rolled out, and those we have in the pipeline, are geared toward one goal: helping you differentiate from the competition and grow faster with loyal customers and employees. Our success as an organization is measured against this goal, and we seek to not only fulfill, but exceed, your expectations.

With these types of changes and sustained feedback from our many clients, we will continue providing world-class consulting services and continuously raise the bar. If at any point you would like to provide thoughts or suggestions regarding our surveys, analytics, or reporting, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly ([email protected]).

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