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How to measure and improve employee engagement and satisfaction

How to measure and improve employee engagement and satisfaction

The podcast episode featured Beverly Hathorn, owner of Strategic HR Consultants, interviewing Evan Klein, the president of Satrix Solutions. Evan has over 25 years of experience in coaching business leaders on strategies focused on customer and employee satisfaction. The discussion centered around employee engagement, factors influencing it, and methods for measuring and improving it.

Key points covered:

  • Factors contributing to employee engagement: Connection to the business's purpose, feeling valued, confidence in leadership, and autonomy.
  • Measuring employee engagement: Using surveys, online feedback platforms like Glassdoor, analyzing productivity, and quality of work.
  • Challenges in measuring engagement: Low response rates, improper survey design, and concerns about confidentiality leading to biased or poor-quality data.
  • Strategies to enhance engagement: Establishing a neutral platform for feedback, forming a cross-sectional 'championship team,' and promoting interdepartmental surveys to improve collaboration.

Satrix Solutions primarily helps businesses with survey-based analysis and reporting, offering expertise in designing, executing, and interpreting survey results. They also assist in providing unbiased data analysis and implementing various survey programs focused on customer and employee experience.

Evan offered office hours for those seeking advice on employee surveys, feedback, and engagement. He can be contacted via email or LinkedIn and encouraged visitors to explore their blog section and website for more insights.

Overall, the conversation provided valuable insights into understanding, measuring, and improving employee engagement for a more productive and positive work environment.