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Are You Fully Capitalizing On Your NPS Promoters?

Happy Customers

Three simple ways you can channel brand evangelists to fuel growth.



It’s easy to get caught up in responding to negative feedback. After all, when we see an unenthusiastic response or a client rank us poorly in our Net Promoter Score® (NPS) Survey, we justifiably focus our efforts on taking immediate action in the hopes of converting them from the dreaded Detractor to a faithful Promoter. However, it is just as critical to not lose sight of your most loyal advocates by keeping them satisfied and primed for growth opportunities.

Promoters are clients identified by your Net Promoter Score survey as individuals who would highly recommend you to a friend or colleague. These are loyal advocates who can serve as an extension of your sales team. Even better, the recommendation is more credible because it’s coming from a third party, and there’s no cost to you. With so many different ways you can benefit from the passion Promoters have for your organization, our advice for utilizing them is simple:

Ask for a highly satisfied customer for a referral

Seems obvious, right? You may be surprised at how infrequent these conversations are taking place. When clients love you, they want to participate in your success. Inquire whether they know someone who might benefit from your product or service. Request if they would be willing to serve as a reference for a new business opportunity. Explore the possibility of them providing a quote for your website or marketing collateral, taking part in a case story about their success after using your product or service, giving a recommendation on LinkedIn, or even participating in a video testimonial. No matter how they provide their stamp of approval, just get one.

Invite happy customers to join the conversation

Maybe you want their honest feedback on strategy or roadmap discussions or perhaps you were featured in an industry publication and would love to showcase their story – either way, let them know their voice is important to you. Give them a special invitation to your user group, invite them to join your Client Advisory Board, have them speak at your annual client event. Capitalize on their happiness by asking them to share their experiences with the world.

Put loyal customers on the center stage

Every industry has several well-attended conferences or trade shows each year. Organizers of those events are constantly searching for industry veterans to share their wisdom. Why can’t one of your most loyal clients be one of them?  Securing speaking opportunities not only provides brand recognition for your client but it also serves as a great opportunity to quietly promote your services. Another bonus? You can publicize their participation in press releases, emails and during networking conversations.

Loyal Customers Want to Support Your Growth

Building a strategy around enthusiastic Promoters is vital to your success. So go ahead and put them to work. Given how much they love you, they’ll be happy to help support your growth!