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Success Stories

How Customer Feedback helps WEX Continuously Improve the Service Experience, Refine/validate its Product Roadmap, and Maintain a Strong Competitive Advantage

Read how delivering a superior customer experience is a key point of differentiation for WEX Corporate Payments.

How Cority’s Sales Win Loss Program Drives Higher Sales Win Rates and Client Retention

Read how the Sales Win Loss Program has enabled Cority to maintain a comprehensive understanding of the key drivers of winning or losing sales opportunities – both with existing and new accounts.

How Schindler Relies on Candid Employee Feedback to Assist in the Development of its Managers

Read how senior leadership now has a reliable yardstick for evaluating a manager’s capability to create loyalty within their team.

Customer & Employee Feedback Guides Parchment in Turning Credentials into Opportunities

Read how Parchment looks to Net Promoter not only as a key performance indicator of customer loyalty, but a driver of continuous improvement that clearly demonstrates the company’s commitment to customer collaboration and co-creation.

Service Excellence is a Key Differentiator for ShotSpotter

Read how a reputation for trust and transparency leads the technology provider to experience steady growth and strong customer retention.

Client-focused Reputation Brands POP an Industry Leader

A 40-point increase in POP’s Net Promoter Score proves that a company-wide commitment to improve satisfaction and elevate its client-centric culture can pay off.

Strong Customer Relationships Helps Ipreo Outshine the Competition

Learn how strong customer relationships, coupled with Satrix Solutions’ best practice approach, helps Ipreo outshine the competition. Ipreo ranks among the world’s most successful client-centric organizations with impressive customer performance metrics.

Covario’s Commitment to Client Satisfaction Results in Strong Retention and Customer Loyalty

Discover how Satrix Solutions helped to increase Covario’s Net Promoter Score® significantly over a two-year period.


The Essential Elements of a Customer Advisory Board

Key considerations for planning your upcoming Customer Advisory Board.

Steps for Designing an Effective Net Promoter Score Survey

Practical steps for obtaining honest feedback and reliable data.

Tips for Executing a Successful Sales Win Loss Program

How to gather a wealth of insights from the sales process.

Fundamental Ingredients for Cultivating Engaged Employees

How to uncover what drives employee engagement and satisfaction to ensure organizational success.

Strategies for Generating Strong Survey Response Rates

Proven best practices for increasing the number of customers who answer your survey.


Society of HR Management Presentation – How to Keep Interdepartmental Relationships Running Smoothly

In this session, Evan Klein of voice of customer and employee engagement consulting firm, Satrix Solutions, discusses steps HR leaders can take to eliminate silos and build strong relationships between departments.

#CSSummit17 Presentation: Why Customer Success Without Cultural Adoption = Failure

In this session, Evan Klein of voice of customer and employee engagement consulting firm, Satrix Solutions, reviews proven strategies for reinforcing your company’s customer success culture to get everyone rowing in the same direction.

Strengthen Your Service Culture and Reap the Business Benefits

A strong service culture doesn’t just happen. It’s something you cultivate and actively manage, just as you would with any other initiative at your company.

#CSSummit2016 Presentation: You have your survey data, now what?

Despite the resources dedicated to Voice-of-Customer (VoC) programs, many companies struggle to fully capitalize on the feedback and generate a quantifiable return. Evan Klein shares expert advice on how to evolve your survey program into a best-in-class, mission critical initiative – recognized across the company as a source of revenue and profit growth.

How Net Promoter Builds a Culture and Drives Growth

Evan Klein speaks to Customer Success professionals on how to maximize the impact of NPS.

How to Conduct a Successful Survey Campaign as Part of Customer Success

Satrix Solutions founder and president, Evan Klein, shares best practices for conducting a successful survey campaign at the Pulse Customer Success Conference in San Francisco.

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