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Case Study

A 40-point increase in POP’s Net Promoter Score proves that a company-wide commitment to improve satisfaction and elevate its client-centric culture can pay off. 

The Backstory

Boasting an impressive resume of clients such as Nike, Microsoft, and Target, digital agency POP has long appreciated the advantage a differentiated service experience can have in a competitive market. Poised for real growth, the Seattle-based agency realized that adopting a more formalized process to better understand its growing client base would have wide-ranging benefits.

POP’s executive team acted swiftly and engaged Satrix Solutions to measure satisfaction levels and reinforce best-practice service behaviors across the organization. Three years after the engagement began, POP grew agency revenue by 93% and was acquired by Advance Publications.

“Satrix Solutions gives us the insights to grow our business, fix issues that are the source of dissatisfaction among clients, and reinforce behaviors that drive continuous improvements in the service experience.

– Erin West, Vice President of Client Services, POP

The Winning Strategy

With minimal demand on POP’s time, Satrix Solutions designed a semi-annual relationship survey instrument in accordance with industry standards. This crucial step would later serve as the foundation for subsequent surveys and enable the agency to accurately identify and analyze recurring themes affecting the client experience.

From the outset, POP has been committed to building a strong client-centric culture. Satrix Solutions supports this objective by developing best practice educational guides that are circulated to all relevant POP employees. As the designated feedback champion, POP’s Vice President of Client Services, Erin West, also relies on Satrix Solutions’ strategies and advice to keep the program and its goals alive year-round.

Reporting has also proven to be both informative and actionable across the agency. During each relationship survey cycle, Satrix Solutions presents trending analyses and segmentation reporting to the leadership team. Every six months, POP’s reference list is validated and expanded so the sales team avoids reference fatigue when connecting prospects with enthused clients. Account Directors are also armed with a list of clients most likely to purchase additional services or make introductions to other departments for cross-sell opportunities.

“There are quite a few agencies vying for the same clients. Satrix Solutions helps us leverage our stellar reputation and raving fans to differentiate from the competition,” said Erin West, Vice President of Client Services.