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Custom B2B Research Programs

Every industry is faced with changing markets and business dynamics. This puts pressure on business leaders to optimize their company’s offerings by uncovering new and different brand opportunities.

To make the best possible strategic decisions, you need a specialized approach that produces powerful and trustworthy data for your organization. We can help you achieve your objectives by executing an effective research plan that generates insights by leveraging qualitative and quantitative research techniques tailored to your business questions.

Ad Hoc Research

Custom Qualitative and Quantitative Research Solutions Designed Just For You

Whether you are launching a new product, expanding into a new market, or need to prepare an investor presentation, we offer tailored solutions to address a variety of business goals and challenges. Importantly, as an independent third-party, we offer an unbiased perspective which gives you the confidence to make important decisions.

Here is a small sample of what we can do for you:

  • Competitive Benchmarking
    Gaining visibility into the competition and how they compare against your business is a valuable endeavor. We evaluate your position within the industry and identify opportunities for your business to enhance your strengths and shore up weaknesses relative to others in the marketplace to help you gain a competitive advantage.
  • Brand Studies
    Knowing how your brand is perceived can help you better position yourself with both clients and prospects. It also ensures you are delivering on your brand promise. We help you understand how your brand resonates in the marketplace – including awareness, messaging, reputation, cost/value, and more.
  • Product Research
    Is it time to expand your product and service portfolio? We gather detailed feedback from customers and prospects to identify their expectations, preferences, and satisfaction levels with current solutions. This approach enables you to “build” the ideal solution and confidently direct resources towards enhancements that will produce the greatest return-on-investment for your company and its shareholders.
  • Market Opportunities / Sizing Research
    Entering a new market necessitates measuring the sales and profit potential. We can help identify interest in potential new offerings and assess the sales potential of new product markets or customer segments. Additionally, we help you understand how new offerings will be perceived, their impact on brand perceptions, and purchase intent so you can make informed decisions.
  • Messaging and Advertising Studies
    What messaging will be most effective for your product, service, or brand? To help you refine your communications and messaging, we examine what will resonate and why. Our proven process includes pre-testing of communications to confirm messaging intent, delivery, and resonance. We also help you fine-tune communications through customer and prospect feedback as well as identify messaging that will attract non-customers without alienating current customers or sending an unintended message.
  • Product Roadmap Market Research
    As you build out your product roadmap, gathering customer feedback in various forms is necessary to validate ideas and prioritize product improvements that will create real differentiation in the marketplace. Our custom product roadmap market research solutions will give you a direct line to customers so you can identify perceived feature/ functionality gaps and confidently address customer challenges – creating a customer experience that will lead to lower churn and expansion opportunities within existing accounts.
  • Hourly Consulting
    If you are interested in exploring a shorter-term project or longer-term engagement that does not neatly align with our service offering, the experienced team at Satrix Solutions may still be able to help. We are happy to work with you to scope an agreement that achieves your objectives and is priced based on an hourly consultant rate (rates vary depending on your needs and who is assigned to the project). Connect with us and let’s discuss your research objectives and we can assess if Satrix is a good fit.

Each Custom Research Project Includes

  • Expertise related to questionnaire design, to elicit actionable feedback that leadership can rely on to drive decisions

  • Consultation on the most appropriate methodology to yield the most impactful insights. Techniques such as choice-based modeling, TURF analysis, regression, etc., will all be considered to ensure the best strategy is mapped to your needs

  • Custom, “Board quality” reporting with visualizations, callouts, and key takeaways

  • Flawless execution of all research activities

Robust and Wide-Ranging Custom Research Capabilities

Our senior-level consultants are adept at handling your most complex B2B research needs. Importantly, we provide comprehensive service and support, including consultation on research design and methodology, full project design and administration, and complete analytics and reporting. To learn more about our proven process and how we can assist your organization with its custom research project, contact us today.

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