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Customer Defection Analysis

There are several phrases commonly used to define it – defection, churn, attrition, termination. Regardless of what losing a customer is called in your company, it’s never easy.

We help you establish the causes of customer churn and provide detailed reports and recommendations to repair broken relationships and maximize customer retention.

Learn from Customer Defections

Customer churn is distressing – it can bring down office morale, be an indicator of product or service issues, or expose weak links within your team. While these are individually alarming, the impacts also extend to your company’s growth rate and the future valuation of your business.

Our Customer Defection Analysis ensures you are not overlooking risks to existing revenue or missing opportunities to prevent churn. We perform in-depth, one-on-one interviews with decision makers to systematically uncover and analyze patterns among your lost accounts. We then translate this insight into actions you can take to mitigate the causes of customer defection, and thus the negative impacts to your reputation and revenue growth.

Each Customer Defection Analysis Engagement Includes

  • Qualitative interviews with key decision makers and influencers to establish root causes of product or service gaps contributing to dissatisfaction

  • In-depth analysis of overall customer feedback to isolate trends and themes on recurring service issues

  • Custom recommendations focusing on best-practice service behaviors to minimize future customer complaints

  • Board-quality reporting that highlights key lessons learned from defections

Increase Customer Retention

We all know that it is extremely gratifying to receive positive feedback from enthusiastic customers. However, it is the complaints, concerns, and critiques that often yield the most actionable insight.

Contact us today to learn how our Customer Defection Analysis helps you pinpoint organizational trouble spots, reduce customer attrition, and improve operational performance.

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