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Customer & Employee Feedback Programs

From allocating company resources to identifying feature and functionality enhancements that will have the greatest impact or strengthening employee development – customer and employee feedback is a treasure trove of information for your company.

VoC an VoE Programs

Net Promoter Score® (NPS)

Maximize customer loyalty and fuel growth by identifying loyalty enthusiasts who will continue to buy, refer others and resist competitors.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Achieve higher response rates, elicit actionable insights, and eliminate bias from your customer feedback efforts with the right strategic partner.

Onboarding / Implementation Survey

Determine whether your first impression establishes a firm foundation for long-term, successful engagements with customers, or sets the stage for inevitable customer churn.

Customer Advisory Board

Bring together your most influential customers to share unfiltered feedback about their opinions and perceptions of your organization.

Sales Win Loss Analysis

Gain a deep understanding of how your company is perceived by prospects and identify specific steps your team can take to increase sales effectiveness.

Customer Journey Map

Pinpoint the drivers of customer satisfaction and gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey by creating a visual representation of the key customer touchpoints.

Customer Defection Analysis

Are you overlooking risks to existing revenue and missing opportunities to prevent churn?

Customer Perception Audit

Expand opportunities, strengthen competitive positioning, and ascertain awareness of your product and service portfolio to maximize growth potential with your target customers.

Employee Net Promoter Score

Capture the level of employee engagement and loyalty with Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Pinpoint the drivers of employee satisfaction to nurture a loyal and motivated team that embodies your customer-centric culture.

Employee Engagement Initiative

Construct a healthy organization with an engaged, loyal, and productive workforce.

Employee Opinion Survey

Let your employees give voice to strategies aimed at improving organizational performance and delivering a better customer experience.

Interdepartmental Survey

Encourage a culture where departments that serve and support internal colleagues are service oriented and supportive of your corporate values.

Custom B2B Research

Whether you are launching a new product, expanding into a new market, or need to prepare an investor presentation, we offer tailored solutions to address a variety of business goals and challenges.

“The partnership with Satrix has been invaluable.
The Satrix team has expertly guided Parchment, delivering key insights, and in a manner that truly demonstrates customer-centricity”

Heather Clevenger
Director of Marketing Programs, Parchment