• Use Net Promoter Score® to Measure Customer Loyalty

  • Accelerate Growth by Increasing New Business Win Rates

  • Identify the Key Drivers of Customer Satisfaction

Customer and employee feedback programs designed to help you accelerate revenue growth.

Amplify the Customer Experience

Experience measurable improvement in customer retention, share of wallet, sales close rates, and profitability.

Drive Business Outcomes

Make more informed decisions regarding strategy, key initiatives, and allocation of company resources.

Achieve Cultural Alignment

Strengthen customer relationships, outperform competitors, and drive customer-centric behaviors throughout your company.

The Satrix Solutions team displays a genuine interest in our success

and pushes hard to ensure we are attaining maximum value from our client feedback programs. With their expert guidance, actionable insights and sound recommendations, we have significantly strengthened our client engagements since 2010."

Erin West

VP Client Services, POP

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