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'How To' Guide: NPS Program Design

A comprehensive guide on Net Promoter Score best practices.

Real Results: Triple-digit NPS Improvement

How Parchment drives retention and growth with Net Promoter Score.

Effective Strategy: Increase Response Rates

How to increase the number of customers who answer your survey.

Satrix Solutions has been the ideal partner in our efforts to develop deeper client engagements.

The steady stream of insightful feedback their programs provide has been essential in our journey toward continuous improvement. In addition, their ongoing measurement and reporting has led us to a more customer-centric culture, enabling us to uncover new ways to provide outstanding service."

Teresa Kloser

Senior Director of Marketing, EffectiveUI

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Should Businesses Use Employees to Get Customers to Take Surveys?

One of the greatest determinants of a successful customer satisfaction survey is achieving a strong response rate. While there are varying opinions as to what the minimum ideal survey response rates should be, it’s generally accepted that the higher the percentage of respondents you have, the better. For a more in-depth look at this topic, … Read More

Tips for Interviewing Customers

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How to Advance Your Voice of Customer Program

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