Net Promoter® Adoption Continues to Grow

Recently, the team and I attended the 7th Annual Net Promoter® Customer Experience Conference in Miami.  As a corporate sponsor of the event, it was an excellent opportunity to assemble with some of our industry’s most influential thought leaders, including the creator of Net Promoter Score (NPS), Fred Reichheld, and discuss the future of the customer satisfaction and loyalty industry. I have to admit, the location wasn’t bad either!

With over 30 speakers, individuals from companies large and small shared their experience adopting, fine-tuning and advancing their Net Promoter programs to fuel growth in their business. For me, one of the most exciting takeaways was the use of Net Promoter among small and mid-sized business-to-business organizations. Among the 500+ attendees were quite a few representatives from B2B companies with $10M to a few billion dollars in revenue – including several Satrix Solutions clients. It’s no longer just big consumer brands benefiting from Net Promoter and other customer feedback programs.

Another big highlight for us was supporting our client, Ipreo, as their EVP and Managing Director, Chris Taylor, presented a case study on the success they’ve had implementing NPS. Leveraging NPS in combination with other feedback programs, the company has experienced meaningful improvement in key business metrics.

What’s so exciting about Ipreo’s story was how they succeeded in an industry entrenched with competitors by using customer experience as key competitive differentiator. In fact, through deep customer engagements, reliable data and 3rd party recommendations, they more than doubled their market share in just a few years time.

It truly was a great presentation filled with lots of insights.

The two-day event certainly provided many opportunities to network with other customer experience enthusiasts and swap best practices as well as meet new faces beginning their customer feedback journey. We look forward to returning next year – not just because it’ll be back in Miami Beach – but to expand our expertise and showcase our deep commitment to the field of customer research.

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