Your Survey: Excellent, Average, Failing? Let the Experts Decide!2018-01-08T11:34:48-07:00

Your Survey: Excellent, Average, Failing? Let the Experts Decide!

Crafting a strong survey questionnaire is no easy task. Do your questions unintentionally lead respondents to a particular response? Are you asking too many questions, resulting in skipped questions or drop-offs? What is the most appropriate rating scale for each of your survey questions – 1 to 5? 0-10? Is there any ambiguity that could possibly confuse respondents?

Before you hit the launch button on your next survey, let the experts grade your survey questionnaire.

Design the Best Business-to-Business (B2B) Survey Possible

Improperly designed surveys are more common than you may think. They can lead to a variety of problems such as low response rates, a poor sample, high drop-offs, and customer frustration. The biggest risk, however, is unreliable data. If your company is using survey feedback to help inform important decisions (as it should be), consider the potential impact if you are relying on bad data.

Upload Your Survey Questionnaire in Word or PDF

We want to put an end to bad surveys! Send us your current survey questionnaire and we will critique its length, assess the flow, evaluate the question language, review response scales, and identify any potential biases. Once we’ve completed our evaluation, you’ll receive a personalized report card that you can use to improve your next survey. Don’t accept mediocrity – submit your B2B survey questionnaire today.

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    “I highly recommend Satrix Solutions to enhance your client feedback programs.
    Their advice on our Client Advisory Board board composition, meeting structure, and discussion topics has resulted in valuable and actionable insight for our company.”

    Janet Kluczynski