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What is Net Promoter Score®?

Foster a culture around a shared commitment to earning deeper customer loyalty with the Net Promoter Score methodology.

Net Promoter Score Introduction

Both a customer loyalty metric and organizational discipline, Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a remarkably reliable customer loyalty measurement tool used to monitor the level of enthusiasm customers have about the service you deliver. With good reason – Net Promoter Score helps you quickly pinpoint and eliminate organizational trouble spots to transform the customer experience while also leveraging loyal enthusiasts to fuel growth. Plus, the Net Promoter discipline is effective at inspiring employees around customer-centric behaviors, resulting in more profitable customer engagements.

The Net Promoter Value

At its core, Net Promoter Score is a culture-shaping tool. The Net Promoter methodology helps you identify profitable behaviors by understanding the service and product attributes that influence customer loyalty – leading to long-term sustainable growth. In addition to being a strong indicator of company performance, NPS score is easy to understand, simple to execute, and easy to communicate; something your entire team can rally behind.

Evaluate Organizational Success

Organizations with higher NPS scores are more likely to outperform their competitors. But don’t just take our word it. From improved performance to higher acquisition value to strong market leadership, our clients have realized significant gains by adopting Net Promoter Score as part of their ongoing feedback efforts. As a Net Promoter Loyalty Partner, we establish NPS score benchmarks to compare your company performance against similar businesses. Plus, the detailed reports and recommendations we provide give you the authenticated insights needed to transform the customer experience. To learn more, contact us today.

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