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Customer Journey Map

Pinpoint the drivers of customer satisfaction and gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey by creating a visual representation of the key customer touchpoints.

Map the Customer Journey

Identifying every customer interaction is a revealing process for many business-to-business organizations. Think about the number of complex internal processes or hand offs your organization employs and how it affects your customers. With multiple facets in the customer experience, this makes assessing which touchpoints stand out as positive and which stand out as negative important for nurturing long-term success.

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Define Customer Experiences

Each touchpoint provides an opportunity to reinforce the relationship you have with customers. We focus on understanding the motivations behind each key interaction, extracting meaningful trends to design a customized diagram centered on the customers’ journey through your organization. This transfer of knowledge enables employees to become more aware of customer needs and expectations, resulting in improved satisfaction and retention for long-term success.

Align the Corporate Culture

For companies looking to evaluate and fundamentally improve the customer experience, our deep dive assessment will uncover fractures in the customer journey and address the critical touchpoints affecting overall satisfaction. The Satrix Solutions team will walk you through the customer experience, highlighting specific opportunities to improve each touchpoint and share best practices with our customized Customer Journey Mapping process to help you achieve operational excellence.