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Customer Journey Map

Think about the number of complex internal processes or handoffs your organization employs and how it affects your customers. With multiple facets in the customer experience, it’s important to identify operational inefficiencies and create a clear line of sight to larger goals and strategies for the organization.

We support this organizational-wide understanding of customers by delivering a Customer Journey Map that generates interest and action.

Mapping CX

Mapping the Customer Journey

When successfully executed, a Customer Journey Map is both a valuable employee engagement exercise and a visual framework that will educate, energize, and motivate people across the organization to improve the customer experience.

That’s why our process focuses on understanding each key interaction between customers and employees – extracting meaningful trends to design a customized “map” centered on the customers’ journey. Importantly, we take you through the customer experience, highlighting specific opportunities to improve each touchpoint and provide best practices to achieve operational excellence.

Each Customer Journey Mapping Engagement Includes

  • Qualitative research to identify and understand several dimensions of the customer journey: moments of truth, customer sentiment, customer effort, and the company’s overall goals

  • Expert interviews and on-site workshops that serve as important ingredients for mapping the journey experienced by your customers

  • A visual representation of the customer experience to ensure all employees become aware of customer needs and expectations

  • Recommendations and templates for communicating takeaways and action items to all staff

  • Action plans to guide improvement opportunities and change management activities

Align the Corporate Culture

For companies looking to evaluate and fundamentally improve the customer experience, our deep dive assessment will uncover fractures in the customer journey and address the critical touchpoints affecting overall satisfaction.

To learn more about our Customer Journey Mapping program, contact us today.

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