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Meet Our Team

Driving our success is the team of individuals who make up Satrix Solutions. Led by veteran customer and employee satisfaction expert, Evan Klein, we have varied skillsets, business experiences, and educational backgrounds, yet we all share the same passion and enthusiasm for customer and employee satisfaction programs.

Through this common denominator, we’ve more than doubled our revenue every year while maintaining exceptionally high satisfaction and loyalty with our growing stable of clients.

Evan Klein
Founder & President

For more than 25 years, Evan Klein has been an enthusiastic champion for voice-of-customer driven change. He specializes in coaching business leaders on the customer and employee-focused strategies that lead to increased profitability and sustained competitive advantage.

Evan founded Satrix Solutions in 2008 to empower businesses to accelerate growth and increase valuation by improving referrals, retention, share-of-wallet, and sales close rates. The company’s growing list of clients benefit from experienced consultants, expert advice, Board-quality reporting, and actionable recommendations.

Prior to founding Satrix Solutions in 2008, Evan established and led the office of Client Satisfaction at iCrossing, a 550-person digital agency in Scottsdale, Arizona. While there he introduced and managed several customer-focused initiatives, including the implementation of Net Promoter Score and Customer Advisory Boards. Evan’s work developing a systematic approach to gathering and acting on voice-of-customer feedback led to numerous product, service delivery, and process improvements during his tenure.

Evan previously managed a global consulting practice, serving nearly 900 customers for Thomson Reuters in New York, where he helped transform the business to a service leader with high customer satisfaction and retention. Earlier in his career, he was charged with starting a West Coast office for a consulting practice serving CXO’s of publicly traded companies. During his two-year tenure, the office grew from four to over 30 people and revenues increased by more than 500%.

When Evan is not guiding the adoption of disciplined feedback processes, metrics, and behaviors, you can find him playing sports with his son or hiking with his wife in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona

Jonathan Beretta
Vice President, Client Service

Over the last decade, Jonathan Beretta has accumulated extensive experience in customer retention, employee engagement, and process improvement strategies for B2C and B2B companies across multiple industries. A Greenbelt in LEAN, Jonathan takes great care to understand the business issues affecting client accounts and provides insightful recommendations that positively impact the bottom line. As Vice President of Client Services, Jonathan has a strong appreciation for the value of engaged employees and the impact they have on solidifying customer loyalty.

Prior to joining Satrix Solutions in 2013, Jonathan was part of Equifax’s global operations senior management team where he managed the Appellate Services Department. There he cultivated and evaluated the daily operations of a nation-wide team required to handle highly deadline driven workloads. While at Equifax, Jonathan established engagement planning and touchpoint mapping initiatives to encourage desirable business outcomes such as retention of talent and improved operational performance for its Fortune 500 client companies.

On his off time, Jonathan enjoys running half-marathons and exploring the local community with his wife and their two dogs in tow. When that doesn’t keep him busy enough, Jonathan serves as a member of the Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Commission with the City of Avondale, Arizona.

Heather Timney
Vice President, Marketing & Partnerships

With an appreciation for voice-of-customer driven change coupled with a passion for business-to-business marketing, Heather Timney brings strategic focus to Satrix Solutions’ marketing endeavors. Over the last decade, Heather has gained considerable perspective into the various business functions that impact the customer experience. She is dedicated to creating strong organizational cultures, recognizing that happy employees lead to satisfied customers.

An expert in B2B marketing strategy, Heather has been instrumental in building successful, profitable organizations. Before joining Satrix Solutions in 2011, Heather managed the marketing department for a $10 million healthcare IT company, contributing to the organization’s impressive growth. During her tenure, the company was named to the INC 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America list for three consecutive years and was recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of its 100 Brilliant Companies.

After hours you can find Heather testing out new recipes or taking in the majestic beauty of Arizona (when the temperatures are below 100 degrees, of course).

Eddie Christian, CSE, CCXP
Vice President, Client Service

Eddie Christian, CSE, CCXP, is a seasoned Customer Experience champion and brings over 17 years of experience in Customer Success, Sales, and Marketing to his role as Vice President, Client Service at Satrix Solutions. He works closely with C-Level executives to increase customer satisfaction, decrease customer churn, increase retention, and develop processes, procedures and workflows to optimize the customer experience. Eddie is also a proven leader who enjoys mentoring colleagues and building collaborative environments.

Prior to coming aboard Satrix Solutions, Eddie led teams that consisted of Enterprise Account Managers, B2B and B2C Client Service Managers, Client Satisfaction Leaders, Retention Specialists, Training (client facing and internal), Tech Support, Social Media Community Management, Relationship Surveys, and managed the deployment and ongoing processes for numerous 3rd party product integrations. Eddie was also responsible for several Customer Success rebuilding initiatives where the organization saw lifts in core areas like product adoption, onboarding effectiveness, Customer Effort Score (CES), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and retention.

In his free time, Eddie is co-owner of Show California Baseball. He trains the region’s top high school, collegiate, and professional hitters – a passion he cultivated during his 9-year professional career with the Miami Marlins, Anaheim Angels, and the Seattle Mariners.

Christian Muma
Director, Client Service & Training

Striving to deliver the greatest value to clients every day, Christian Muma brings a deep commitment to service excellence to Satrix Solutions. He is truly focused on each client’s success; ensuring business leaders obtain a complete picture of the customer experience.

Christian is responsible for the collection and analysis of detailed customer feedback so meaningful trends and insights can be gleaned. His focus on driving positive business outcomes for clients has led to the expansion of several key accounts, contributing to Satrix Solutions’ remarkable growth.

An outdoor enthusiast, Christian has logged countless hours putting his survivalist skills to work in the wilderness.

Zach Moo Young
Client Partnership Specialist

As Client Partnership Specialist, Zach Moo Young is deeply committed to understanding the needs of potential clients. His regard for building sincere relationships along with his belief that we are measured by the results we deliver, creates a strong foundation for rewarding engagements between Satrix Solutions and its rapidly growing list of clients.

In addition to identifying client partnerships for Satrix Solutions, Zach is passionate about the development of young minds. A former college athlete, he coaches high school basketball and serves as a mentor to the next generation of scholar athletes.

Zach is a recent transplant to the desert and enjoys exploring downtown Phoenix and trying his hand at hiking the surrounding mountains.

Kelsey Keenan
Client Experience Analyst

With a passion for data, Kelsey Keenan brings a strong analytical background to Satrix Solutions. She believes in the power of combining both quantitative and qualitative data to get a full picture, making Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee analysis a truly exciting endeavor for her.

As a Client Experience Analyst, Kelsey works in the background of the day-to-day analysis of customer and employee feedback data on behalf of client accounts.

Located in the farmland of Western Massachusetts, Kelsey enjoys a good foggy morning row on the Connecticut River in her spare time.

Dan Genord
Client Experience Analyst

As a Client Experience Analyst, Dan Genord understands that clients want to know all the information that their data can tell them. With an extensive education in analytics and a strong business background, he thrives at converting customer and employee experience data into insights that are relevant, useful and actionable.

At Satrix Solutions, Dan analyzes customer and employee feedback data to identify trends and discover information about our clients’ customer and employee base.  His attention to detail and critical thinking ability enable him to consistently develop accurate and applicable content on behalf of clients.

Residing in the mountains of Colorado, Dan spends much of his free time exploring his surroundings by skiing, rafting, mountain biking, camping, and hiking.

“The Satrix Solutions team displays a genuine interest in our success and pushes hard to ensure we are attaining maximum value from our client feedback programs.
With their expert guidance, actionable insights and sound recommendations, we have significantly strengthened our client engagements since 2010.”

Matthew Pittinsky, PH.D. CEO