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Thank you for sharing your thoughtful insight on Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Maybe you are a Promoter of NPS or maybe you are a Detractor, but there is no denying the reach it has across businesses and in boardrooms across the globe.

If you’re just starting out with NPS or if it’s been your go-to customer feedback system for years, we have some best practices to make sure your NPS program can run as smoothly as possible.

  • Devise a thoughtful and defensible methodology
  • Invite the ‘right’ contacts to participate
  • Design the survey questionnaire in accordance with best practices
  • Maximize response rates and data quality
  • Watch out for gaming; minimize bias
  • Close the loop with customers
  • Act on the insights uncovered
  • Leverage Promoters to fuel marketing initiatives

Find more in-depth best practices here:

  • Net Promoter Score Benchmarking
  • Calculating NPS

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