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    News Release

    Satrix Solutions announces a strong start to 2019. Read the complete press release here.

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    News Release

    Satrix Solutions celebrates 10th Anniversary in a meaningful way. Read the complete press release here.

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    News Release

    Satrix Solutions today announced that Tom Muraoka, veteran customer experience research analyst has joined the team. Read the complete press release here.

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    We’re Hiring

    Satrix Solutions is looking to add another Client Experience Analyst (0 to 5 years experience) to the team to accommodate our growth. Work with amazing clients and a great team, help analyze and interpret data that informs the insights and recommendations we deliver to our clients, and do it from the comfort of your home office. If you are self-motivated, highly disciplined, have exceptional client service and analytical skills, and you want to work for a company with a uniquely flexible work environment and great benefits, contact us.

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    Evan Klein Invited to Speak at SIIA Deciphering Series

    Satrix Solutions Founder & President, Evan Klein, has been invited to serve as a panelist for the SIIA Deciphering Series event in Denver, CO on March 23, 2017. His session is titled: Own Your Customer Data.

    The SIIA Software & Services Deciphering Series Events are forums for senior executives to discuss more effective strategies for improving operations, building value, and increasing revenue for your business. SSD (the Software & Services Division of SIIA

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    The 5th Annual Customer Success Summit Agenda Includes Presentation from Evan Klein

    As customer success leaders, everyone looks to you to set the tone for the company’s attitude toward service excellence. You’re required to set an example of fostering strong relationships throughout the customer’s lifecycle. It’s your job to align expectations and establish processes that reduce roadblocks to provide value to customers. And it’s your responsibility to keep this a top-of-mind strategic priority year after year.

    Unfortunately, each department has their own agenda. And the customer isn’t always their top priority. This puts customer success leaders at a huge disadvantage.

    In this session, Evan Klein of voice of customer and employee engagement consulting firm, Satrix Solutions, will discuss proven strategies for reinforcing your company’s customer success culture to get everyone rowing in the same direction. Attendees will walk away with actionable ideas tested by customer success professionals that can easily be put into practice right away.

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    How to Achieve Massive Growth by Enhancing the Customer Experience

    How does your company acquire new revenue? Primarily from the time consuming and expensive outbound sales process? Join us Nov. 10th to discover customer experience strategies that will position your company to accelerate revenue and otherwise benefit from loyal customers. Register today.

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    We’re Hiring!

    Satrix Solutions is looking for a talented person to join our amazing team. The role comes with compelling benefits, job flexibility, and growth potential.

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    Join Our Team!

    We are seeking a highly driven individual with an interest in Voice-of-Customer / Voice-of-Employee research to join our close-knit group. Learn more about the Client Experience Analyst position here…

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    Satrix Solutions Guides C-Level Focus on Employee Engagement

    According to The Conference Board, Human Capital challenges rank as a leading priority for CEOs in 2016. Topping the list of hot button issues is attracting and retaining talent and developing next-generation leaders. To address these challenges and help companies realize the competitive advantage of having passionate and engaged employees, Satrix Solutions offers a range of employee engagement programs designed to pinpoint the drivers of engagement, eliminate barriers that impede productivity, and promote the development of employees at all levels.

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    Evan Klein Joins All-Star Lineup of Speakers at the 2016 Customer Success Summit

    You have your survey data, now what?

    According to Gartner, 95% of enterprises globally rely on customer satisfaction surveys as an important source of customer insights. Despite the resources dedicated to Voice-of-Customer (VoC) programs, many companies struggle to fully capitalize on the feedback and generate a quantifiable return.

    Collecting feedback is only the first step. Numerous activities should be conducted after the survey closes to position your organization to maximize the impact of its VoC program. This includes closing the loop with customers, analyzing and interpreting the feedback, identifying and driving improvement initiatives, mobilizing promoters, and continually reinforcing the importance of customer-centricity with employees.

    Join Voice-of-Customer champion, Evan Klein, as he shares expert advice on how to evolve your survey program into a best-in-class, mission critical initiative – recognized across the company as a source of revenue and profit growth. Register for the conference here:

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    Phoenix Digital Summit Invites Evan Klein to Join Speaker Roster

    Want to Grow? Don’t Neglect Retention Marketing

    According to the Gartner Group, 80% of your future profits will come from just 20% of your existing customers. The implications for marketers are profound. It means you should be allocating more time and resources to nurturing existing customers, versus activities focused on new customer acquisition.

    During this session you will learn how to drive quantifiable ROI by capitalizing on one of your company’s greatest assets – your existing customers. Topics covered will include:

    – Measuring the impact referrals, retention and cross sales have on revenue, profitability and business value

    – The proven techniques you can use today to improve customer loyalty and accelerate revenue growth

    – How to establish the benefit (marketing, financial and otherwise) of a “Promoter” and the cost of an unhappy customer

    – The use cases for different feedback programs, including surveys, user groups, business reviews, customer interviews, advisory boards, social media, etc.

    Learn more about the conference here:

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    Join Our Team!

    We are seeking a highly driven individual with an interest in Voice-of-Customer / Voice-of-Employee research to join our close-knit group. Learn more about the Junior Account Manager position here…


Ipreo selects Satrix Solutions to create new client feedback program

Ipreo announced that it has partnered with Satrix Solutions to enhance its customer feedback efforts through the addition of a systematic feedback program. Satrix Solutions will design and manage an ongoing program that will gather and process extensive input from Ipreo’s global corporate client base to support the firm’s continuous focus on improving the client experience.