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Make the Customer Experience Your Competitive Differentiator.

Companies that foster customer loyalty are often rewarded with customers that engage in behaviors directly linked to increased profit, such as churn reduction, spending more, and referring your business to others.

Importantly, a well-executed customer experience strategy helps your company stand apart from competitors in ways that are meaningful to the customer and difficult to replicate.

As an Insight Partners portfolio company, why should you partner with Satrix Solutions?

We execute each engagement with a clear vision – to cultivate companies people want to buy from and work for – and rely on our objective analysis of your customer feedback data to deliver recommendations you can trust. This partnership leads our clients to experience higher valuations in the public and private markets.

  • Strengthen trust by demonstrating your company’s commitment to customer service excellence
  • Gain visibility into loyalty drivers, frustrations, and product/service gaps
  • Data, findings, and recommendations that leadership and the Board can trust to guide important decisions
  • Build a world-class service organization with highly engaged employees
  • Develop a finely tuned sales message that resonates with prospects
  • Access to experts with vast experience in program design, execution, and maximizing ROI

In addition to complimentary “office hours”, Satrix Solutions is pleased to partner with Insight Partners to offer their portfolio companies an exclusive 20% discount on the first year of engagement. Fill out the form to learn more.


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