7 May, 2020

5 Precursors to Customer Churn

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When software companies are seeking efficient ways to manage customer churn, some choose to monitor the health of their book of business by reviewing a few efficiency and productivity based metrics. These often help managers and leaders plan workload, identify top performers, strategically identify upsell opportunities, and get alerted to potential churn risks. Tracking metrics [...]

2 April, 2018

Fireside Chat: Natero Shares Tips for Customer Success

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Natero helps Customer Success Managers reduce churn, increase expansion, and manage more accounts. We sat down with CEO, Craig Soules, to get his thoughts on how Customer Success Managers can deliver real value. Read our interview: Evan Klein: How has the Customer Success industry changed since Natero was first founded in 2012? Craig Soules: The [...]

21 May, 2014

Customer Success Industry on the Rise

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Pulse Conference Shows More Companies Are Focusing on Customer Success  What do you get when you bring together 900 B2B customer success enthusiasts in San Francisco? The 2nd Annual Pulse Conference, also known as #PulseConf2014! Watch the three minute recap here. This is one of my favorite conferences to date simply because of the massive [...]

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