15 September, 2020

Tips to Analyze Open-Ended Responses from Customer Surveys

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There is a lot of literature and opinion out there when it comes to evaluating customer sentiment collected from your surveys in a B2B environment. From Net Promoter Score (NPS) to Customer Satisfaction (CSat) to Customer Effort Score (CES), there is almost no end to the information available on how to measure, analyze, and report [...]

8 September, 2020

Why Customer Experience is Important to Marketing

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As the marketing leader in your organization, you’ve likely been asked to play a pivotal role in the customer experience (CX). Justifiably, many CEOs are charging CMOs to embrace this responsibility and shift their focus towards understanding what drives customer loyalty. And marketing is taking the baton by gathering actionable insight through a range of [...]

31 August, 2020

Does your company genuinely embrace feedback driven change?

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“How are your clients using customer or employee insights to drive positive change?” When speaking with business leaders about engaging Satrix Solutions for a voice of the customer or voice of the employee program, I’m often asked a version of this question. I genuinely enjoy being asked, partially because we have so many great examples, [...]

25 August, 2020

How do you upsell an existing customer?

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Driving revenue can take on many shapes and forms, with upselling to existing customers being an important contributor to growing profits. The main draw for upselling to existing customers is that it provides a new revenue stream with no (or minimal) additional customer acquisition cost (CAC) that obtaining new accounts require. How do you create [...]

12 August, 2020

How to Quantify the ROI of your Customer Experience Program

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When it comes to measuring the impact of your customer experience (CX) programs, many people would likely look to a Customer Satisfaction or loyalty metric, like Net Promoter Score. While improvements in your score would rightfully suggest that your investment in CX may be paying off, there are additional key performance indicators (KPIs) you should [...]

20 July, 2020

Taking Your Customer Advisory Board Virtual

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Since our inception, we’ve worked with clients to design and execute their Customer Advisory Board (CAB) programs. As business travel has been curtailed due to COVID, several important questions have been raised about the best way to proceed with your CAB, or if you should pause the program entirely. As with many customer experience programs, [...]

14 July, 2020

Customer Feedback Can Be Dangerous – Here Are Two Examples

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“A Voice of the Customer (VoC) Program is essential for maximizing retention and growth.” This statement is widely accepted nowadays. There are any number of research firms, professional associations, software companies, and investors advising company executives to keep their finger on the pulse of customer sentiment. Without line of sight into the evolving needs of [...]

25 June, 2020

How Do You Meet New Customer Expectations?

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Acquiring a new customer is a time for celebration. But in today’s environment, it’s especially rewarding. All too often, however, deals start to unravel once the baton is passed to onboarding. This is when the gap between customer expectations and their actual experience begins to bubble to the surface. Unclear customer expectations are typically caused [...]

16 June, 2020

A Simple Act of Acknowledgement: Customer Service in an Online World

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I am a huge fan of online shopping and meal delivery services. I have tried almost all the major meal delivery services currently on the market - some of which I am a Promoter and others I’d be a Detractor. Quality of the product and the meal prep is important, but one of the biggest [...]

15 June, 2020

Is it Useful to Benchmark Your Net Promoter Score?

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Net Promoter Score (NPS) benchmarking presents an interesting challenge for many business leaders. On one hand, executives value information about their organization’s performance and how they compare to other companies in their industry. On the other, trying to rank order the competition on a metric like NPS can be very tricky business. Collectively, we have [...]