16 April, 2019

Can You Quantify the ROI for Your Sales Win Loss Program?

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In parts 1, 2 and 3 of this series on Sales Win Loss Programs, I focused on why collecting feedback after a sales pitch is so valuable, the different ways it can be gleaned, and best practices for conducting post-sale interviews. In this fourth and final installment, I will share what you should do with [...]

25 March, 2019

The Ideal Sales Win Loss Analysis Template

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In part 1, I shared the insights we believe every company should be striving to capture from the sales process. In part 2, I covered some of the most common methods companies use to acquire those insights, with our strong recommendation that every company implements a Sales Win Loss Program. In part 3 of our [...]

31 January, 2019

How to Obtain Valuable Insight from the Sales Process

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In part 1 of this blog series, we shared the wealth of knowledge we believe every company should be striving to capture from the sales process. I haven’t met a business leader who would pass up the opportunity to learn so much about how their company and offering is perceived versus their primary competitors. Today, [...]

14 January, 2019

Maximize the Learning Opportunities from Won or Lost Sales

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  I believe that most companies fail to capture powerful insights that should be acquired from the sales process. The opportunity is often squandered, largely because what’s learned after you win or lose a sale isn’t shared beyond a salesperson or the sales leader. Understandably, most sales teams are laser-focused on generating revenue by closing [...]

28 November, 2018

How to Generate Referrals from Existing Customers

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  Throughout the buyer’s journey, business leaders are vetting your company by seeking validation from peers they trust. They are combing through review sites. They are soliciting recommendations on LinkedIn. And, they are asking for feedback during networking events. What do your customers share about their experiences with your company? The numbers speak for themselves: [...]

22 October, 2014

Rewire Your Sales Process

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5 Reasons You’re Being Passed Over in Favor of a Competitor When asked why you lost a new business opportunity, how often do you hear it was price? It’s also not uncommon for your products or services to get the blame. Another popular justification for the loss: the prospect had a personal relationship that led [...]

13 June, 2013

Utilize Customer Feedback to Drive Sales

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Influence prospects by leveraging customer satisfaction programs. Detailed customer insights are a veritable treasure trove of valuable information for your company.  They help inform process improvement decisions, the allocation of company resources, feature / functionality enhancements and employee development. An often overlooked application, however, is the use of insight and data captured from your feedback [...]

9 May, 2013

Six Valuable Insights For Improving Sales Close Rates

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Get to the heart of the decision making process with Sales Win/Loss insights. As business leaders we’re constantly seeking opportunities to increase sales effectiveness or learn how to better convey the value proposition of our products or services. There are many factors involved in the sales process and they typically go well beyond the frequent [...]